#PUSSIFICATION: Dain Bramaged BLACK Students Say ‘SCIENCE Is Racist And Should Be …

So much for Bernard of Chartres ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ explanation of building truth on earlier discoveries. But then, what does he know? He’s a dead 12th-century scholar. And he was white, so what he said doesn’t matter.

The disturbing part is that ‘Science’ and the ‘Science people’ are interfering in the ‘de-colonization’ of Africa.

All of ‘Science’ is Western and needs to be approached from an Afro-centric perspective.

Students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa brought some interesting concerns before the science faculty this week: namely, they think science as it is currently understood must be abolished.

“The whole thing should scratched off, especially in Africa,” said one of the students.

The students are apparently known as “fallists.” Their hashtag is #ScienceMustFall. You can watch them make their case during a meeting here.

Essentially, these students believe that modern scientific understanding is too Eurocentric.
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Arguably, the worst part of this train-wreck isn’t even the bat-guano crazy woman saying that Science isn’t ‘black’ enough, it’s the Moderator who lectures the ‘science person’ for saying witchcraft isn’t true!

How dare you disrespect the ‘sacred, progressive space’!

How dare you disagree.

We can only have diversity of opinion if it all falls in line with the fringe left craziness that pits groups against each other. Anything relying on ‘reason’ instead of ’emotion’ is WRONG. And we can say that definitively because we are always right! But morally, there is no right and wrong… and gender is not binary but somehow race is.

BTW, ‘Science’ is also SEXIST because it’s not ‘Subjective’.

Instead of promoting the idea that knowledge is constructed by the student and dynamic, subject to change as it would in a more feminist view of knowledge, the syllabi reinforce the larger male-dominant view of knowledge as one that students acquire and use make [sic] the correct decision.
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Holy frijoles! Don’t you just weep for the next generation?

Good luck, kids!

If you know anyone that’s going to be going to the hot-mess that is the university campus, do them a favor. Get them this handbook first:

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