#PUSSIFICATION: Major US City Passes Resolution Condemning ‘HATE SPEECH’ Against Islam

And this is how freedoms die… not with a bang, but a whimper. Ironically, these government officials think they’re doing the world a service in the process.

CAIR just added another scalp to its belt. This time, it’s Freedom of Speech in Miami.

MIAMI – Nezar Hamze stood in front of the Miami Commission last week, holding back tears before thanking officials for placing a resolution condemning hate speech and violence against Muslims on the agenda.

“Wanted to thank you for your courage commissioner,” Hamze, operations director with the Council of American-Islamic Relations, and Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy. “As a father I appreciate your courage. It’s hard raising children when politicians attack your faith and for you to have the courage, the political courage, which is often absent, is tremendous.”

On Oct. 13, the commission passed a resolution condemning hate speech and violence directed at Muslims. The item was intended to show “solidarity with Muslims and those targeted for their ethnicity, race, or religion.”

The item was sponsored by Vice Chair Ken Russell and passed unanimously by the commission.

Russell said there are thousands of Muslim residents in Miami who have “needed a voice to speak for them.”

“And it’s not about courage as a politician, it’s simply heartfelt empathy for someone’s freedom to express their religion and not be persecuted for it,” Russell said. “And to recognize it as a religion of love. Not to judge a group of people by the minority few within their population that commit bad crimes.”

for someone’s freedom to express their religion and not be persecuted for it,” Russell said. “And to recognize it as a religion of love oh, REALLY…?

CAIR supports Sharia law, do they not? The same Sharia Law which, where enforced, prescribes death to apostates? That refuses to accept a woman’s accusations against her rapist on its own merit? That will punish the VICTIM of rape?

Don’t be fooled. Canada already followed this path.

It doesn’t make life better for anyone. It gives tools to bully people who are critical of them. Every group does something worth criticizing. But ‘special’ groups are permitted to immunity to criticism. This is bad for society, and it’s even bad for the groups who SHOULD be called out when they’re doing or saying something stupid or offensive. Freedom to interact with words is better than petty grudges that go unresolved and eventually express themselves with violence.

Here’s an example of someone who put a kangaroo court like this in place. He had committed the ‘grave sin’ of publishing the Danish Mohammad Cartoon in a magazine because he dared to think it was, you know… news.

The court costs alone cost him millions of dollars. Ezra Levant is a Canadian, but his defense of free speech is right up there with the best American defenses of the First Amendment, as well as journalistic freedoms.

His answer about the ‘intent’ of publishing those gets good around 1:20

Here he hits upon the attributes of free speech and press.

If we don’t take something like EZRA’S attitude toward our freedoms? We will continue to watch them erode.

Erode… as we are watching them erode even now in Miami.

Unless we man up and take them back. Let’s not sit back and allow ourselves to be pussified.

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