#PUSSIFICATION: Medical Drama’s Transgender Character, Calls A PENIS A ‘Useless …

When evening TV tries to grapple with social issues, it can sometimes lumber into some crazy situations. Like this one:

This is where we learn the character, “Beth,” is transgender and she explains to her doctors that having her penis removed is just like having an appendix removed, because after all, both are just “useless evolutionary artifacts.” MRC provides a breakdown of the political “messaging” and clip below:

Once it became apparent that the patient was transgender, the head nurse felt obliged to give the standard “we are all exactly the same” speech. Except we aren’t, of course. Men and women are different and there are two very distinct genders, certainly physically.

Beth tries to brush off her reluctance about disclosing her gender to the doctors by saying she was always meant to be a man. She compared the surgery to remove her penis to having an appendix removed – a “useless evolutionary artifact.” Sorry, sweetie, it doesn’t work that way.

By not wanting to be inconvenienced by telling doctors she is transgender – because then they’d want to talk about it – Beth delayed treatment of a very infected prostate gland, even to the point of going septic in the E.R.
Truth Revolt

Watch the exchange:

(For bonus points, we will wait and see whether the LBGTQetc crowd gets worked up into a lather because a lesbian was just portrayed as anti-transgender. Finding out her girlfriend has a stump were his penis used to be was too much for her, apparently.)

Where do we start? Penis is a useless evolutionary artifact, like the appendix? (Well played in mentioning that the Appendix is no longer considered ‘obsolete’.) So, is ‘Beth’ saying she was cloned then? Or something? Without that artifact, she wouldn’t be here.

Credit to this show for bringing up the fact that the body doesn’t CARE what gender you THINK you are. It’s gender-binary whether you agree with it or not.

For example — if someone born a woman claims to be a man, and the doctor is not apprised of this fact, a major heart condition might go untreated. Why? Men and women present with different symptoms for the same illness.

There’s a name for what this fictional woman has.

It’s called ‘body dysmorphia’.

We have studies (like this one) telling us that the current transgender narrative is — at best, misleading, at worst, damaging to the transgendered person, because the narrative is at odds with objective, repeatable studies.

The tell us that, like these related OTHER examples, we need to approach transgender not as a body that fails to line up with internal reality, but as a mind that fails to line up with external reality… exactly like we do with, say anorexics who, even at 97 lbs would see themselves as overweight.

The fact that nobody actually said anything as direct as that is one sure proof of pussificatoin.

Dont’ worry, it’s reversible!

Read this:

ClashDaily.com’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles addresses our nation’s abysmal Pussification in his NEW book …

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