PUSSIFICATION: Obama says THIS Is Partly to Blame for the War in Syria

And THIS, boys and girls, is why we don’t want a Social Justice crusader in the Oval Office. It’s a question of judgement.

At the same time that Obama and company are dismissing charges against a gun runner who, sources say, helped Obama and Hillary ship arms to Libya and Syria, Obama has come out and explained what’s REALLY going on in Syria.

It’s ‘Climate Change’. Al Gore must be proud.

At the panel, Obama claimed that climate change is partly to blame for the civil war in Syria. Obama said, “There’s already some really interesting work — not definitive but powerful — showing that the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war.”

“Well, if you start magnifying that across a lot of states, a lot of nation states that already contain a lot of poor people who are just right at the margins of survival, this becomes a national security issue.”

And, that’s why even as we have members of Congress who scoff at climate change at the same time as they are saluting and wearing flag pins and extolling their patriotism they’re not paying attention to our Joints Chief of Staff and the Pentagon who are saying this is one of the most significant national security threats that we face over the next fifty years.

And…. there it is. ‘Blame America’. That didn’t take long, did it?

Did the weapons that were smuggled into North Africa and Syria somehow contribute to drought?

Did his public cheering of the ‘Arab Spring’ somehow contribute to drought?

Are people from far-flung countries that have nothing to do with the Syrian conflict using the cover of mass migrations to slip into Europe somehow the result of ‘drought’?

Or could they be coming from countries with a cultural and political system that is so fundamentally flawed that it can’t help but fail, and finding their way to countries where the system does NOT suffer from those same catastrophic flaws?

Ideas matter, Barack. And if America follows the course you have charted for her to their eventual destination, it will eventually share the same disastrous fate as those Socialist states you so dearly love.

Aren’t you excited for when this man-child finally leaves office?

ClashDaily.com’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles addresses our nation’s abysmal Pussification in his NEW book …

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* From The Doug Giles 2016 Dictionary of Grow the Hell Up, You Pussy!

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Chapters include:

– Four Signs You’ve Been Pussified

– Bullies Love, And I Mean LOVE, Pussies (especially Big Government goons and Islamic radicals!)

– Dear Christian: You Might be a Pussy … but Jesus Ain’t

– Business Owners Should Avoid Pussies Like the Plague

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This is definitely one of the most politically incorrect books to ever hit the market.

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