UNREAL: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Kept SECRET ‘Because Of Islamic …

So is this ‘recognizing a threat’… is it ‘Islamophobia’? Or is it both?

You’ll notice the organizers aren’t afraid of Feminists or Baptists right? Is it because NORMAL people don’t use lethal means to disrupt events that upset them?

‘Something’ makes ONE group different. But if you bring it up? You’re a ‘hater’.

Is Victoria’s Secret a ‘hater’ too?

Victoria’s Secret officials are said to be worried about a possible terrorist attack during their 2016 Fashion Show in Paris.

The lingerie giant normally announces their annual runway show in the spring of each year but waited until Monday October 24 to unveil this year’s location.

Fears of the high profile event being targeted by terrorists reportedly delayed VS officials from announcing where the show would take place.

Share if we need to admit that Islam does not work and play well with others.

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