WATCH: Black THUG Kills L.A. Sheriff’s Sergeant – ‘He Was Shot In The …

It’s looking more and more like the ONLY lives that matter to these thugs are black lives.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s sergeant was responding to a home invasion robbery call when he was shot in the face by a BLM thug.

The officer was rushed to a nearby hospital in a sheriff’s cruiser but did not survive his injury.

Sergeant Steve Owen, a 29-year veteran of the force, was shot when he encountered the suspect at the scene of the crime in Lancaster, CA.

Gunshots were reported to police at around 12:30 p.m. A massive manhunt for the shooter ensued.

As deputies were closing in, the suspect stole a sheriff’s vehicle and rammed it into a police cruiser. The deputies opened fire on the subject hitting him at least once, but he still escaped.
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Here is the video of his surrender:

Watch the KTLA reports:

Is there any WONDER some are suing the BLM and race-baiters for the recent surge in violence?

Lies like the ones CNN was caught for in doctoring their video clips? Keith Scott’s video where police shouted ‘drop the gun’ again and again, or the Milwaukee video where the ‘peacemaker’ wasn’t saying don’t riot, she was saying burn THEIR neighborhood down.

Those lies only serve to bolster false beliefs that police really are on a murder spree and are acting outside the law. Some people are already hostile toward law enforcement. This just gives them the excuse they’re looking for. It’s irresponsible.

Share if BLM has made life MUCH more dangerous for our police officers.

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