WATCH: Black University Students Call For The BLOOD Of Whites – Media Dead Silent

So, how come the ‘Miss Piggy’ non-story makes the news, but THIS doesn’t?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

A protester group walks into a university classroom. Takes over the lecture hall. And uses that as a platform for their race-based propaganda.

They caught it on video:

What did they have to say?

Not much. They just announced to the white students in attendence that they were expected to join ‘the movement’. To ‘use their white privilege and stand in solidarity’.

…the matter is not up for discussion, and that “we are instructing you”.

The student further states that black South Africans have no reason to live in peace with white South Africans.

The publication of the video comes soon after a WhatsApp voice note did the rounds at Wits, calling for a white student to be killed so the #FeesMustFall protests will be taken seriously.

You read that correctly. The are seriously talking about murdering someone for no other reason than for people to get more free crap from their government.

Sounds like South Africa is further down the same Marixist ‘race war’ road that BLM would have us travel down.

Are we REALLY ok with that?

Would MLK be?

Share if we need to sort this out before it REALLY gets out of hand.

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