WATCH: Dude Holds Up ‘RAPIST’ Sign At Hillary Rally – All HELL Breaks Loose!

There’s been a lot of talk about assault this week. Watch how the ‘coexist’ crowd shows their displeasure when confronted with ‘hurtful words’.

They beat the hell out of someone. Notice the ‘H’ shirts they guys are wearing.

If this were Trump supporters, this would be proof-positive that Trump supporters are obviously (insert negative adjecive here)

But when Democrat operatives PLANT a protest? Not a story.

When Trump supporters get bloodied by Democrat hecklers? Not a story.

When a 71 year old gets beat up? Not a story.


Holding a controversial sign at a Hillary rally will get you physically assaulted.

Hillary claims to be ‘distraught’ by the possibility of an unwanted kiss.

But at her own rallies, freedom of speech is met with violent suppression.

What could ‘possibly’ have made her supporters think she supports such behaviour?

Since the media tried to smear Trump for the actions of people PROTESTING AGAINST him surely that same media will have something to say about the Violent and Despicable actions of HER SUPPORTERS! Right?

Oh right, that’s ‘The Media (D)’. They didn’t see nuttin.

Share if this shows Democrats’ REAL attitude toward free speech.

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