WATCH: What Thugs Did To 10yr. Old Special Needs Boy Is DEMONIC

Some actions rise to a level that can only be called evil. THIS is certainly one of them.

A 10-year-old boy with special needs is fighting for life in hospital after suffering horrific burns while playing in a park.

Kayden Culp, from Kerrville, Texas – about 60 miles northwest of San Antonio – was playing in a field with two boys when a third allegedly poured gasoline over him and another set him on fire on Sunday.


He also has burns to about 20 per cent of his body, has a feeding tube and is being kept sedated, according to a fundraising page set up to help the family.

The burns stretch from near his belly button to his ears.

…’He considered these guys his friends, but they would make fun of him and pick on him and tease him.

‘He was usually the brunt of that kind of joke, but he kept playing with them.’
Daily Mail

How unhinged of a person do you need to be, how much contempt for human life do you have to have to set someone on fire, let alone someone with a disability?

Not that this is the first time we’ve seen someone set on fire. This story brings back memories of another one. Remember Jessica Chambers, age 19, being set on fire? At least this little boy will live to tell the tale.

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