BREAKING: Anti-Trump Thugs, Who Beat a Trump Supporter, ARRESTED

Really… what exactly did these morons EXPECT would happen?

Remember all those stories right after the election where we got to see the TRUE nature of Democratic Party voters?

Violence. Destruction. Rage. Tears. Very ‘Peaceful-transition-of-power’ type behaviors by our left-leaning counterparts. Not a disgrace and a national embarrassment at all. Really.

One of the uglier stories of anti-Trumpian violence came across our desk, and ClashDaily reported the story of the beating here.

A group of young punks beats the hell out of someone, takes the phone and steals the car.

Which, to them, must pass for reasonable behavior after losing an election. Fortunately, the police saw it differently.

And now… we have mugshots.

Score one for the good guys.

We remind all Trump haters that the REASON we use ballots is so that we needn’t use bullets.

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