DOUCHE: Obama MEETS With Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ But Has NO Time For This HERO

What? Is he just too busy being a ‘Lame Duck’?

What could be more important that meeting with this hero, after all, he made time to meet with Clock Boy.


What is Obama too busy doing?

Planning his next ‘Apology Tour’

Trying to find a way to blame the OSU attack on the NRA

Trying to not call the attack ‘Terrorism’

Pardoning felons

Supporting Black Lives Matter instead of Cops

– Lamenting the imminent destruction of his ‘Legacy Project’ — Obamacare
– Wondering if it’s tacky to put his ‘Peace Prize’ next to the framed NY Times article with his Prestigious Record as ‘The War President’
(ClashDaily doesn’t know if President Obama has the article framed, but it would make a nice parting gift!)

Wiping his own emails

Being Willfully blind to his scandals

Working on his golf swing

– Working on his layup

Listening to the ‘Classics’

Taking up ‘smoking’ again (it’s the stress!)

Being ‘Deplorable’ in general

It’s such a long list… we’ve probably missed some.

Remind us of what else is more important to outgoing President Obama than meeting with the hero that stopped the terrorist on the OSU campus.

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