LMAO: Tim Kaine RANKS Between ‘Cornworms & SYPHILIS’ In Survey – Drew Only 15 People In This City!

What’s more popular that Tim Kaine? LOTS AND LOTS OF THINGS.

Tim’s been having a rough time. Nobody wants to see him.

His rally in West Palm Beach, Florida was a flop.

So was the one in Miami.

Maybe it was his slightly unhinged and annoying performance at the VP Debate.

Maybe it’s ‘The Eyebrow’ or his sketchy endorsements:


Wow. That is an uncanny resemblance.

Here’s a side-by-side:


Talk about a creepy clown!

(And the Joker is creepy, too.)

On the heels of his massive crowd of 30 last week in Florida, which cost the Hitlery campaign $27,000 per attendee, Tim Kaine tried his luck on an Iowa college campus, presuming he and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi are wildly popular among young first-time voters.


We sent our local correspondent John Corn to report on the event. John interviewed all 15 attendees, asking what brought them to the Kaine rally and their impression of the event…

…John was able to survey all 15 attendees, trying to get a feel for the popularity of Tim Kaine in the Hawkeye State. Following are the ten most unpopular things in Iowa according to our survey….

1. Chain saw accident
2. Syphilis
3. Tim Kaine
4. Cornworms
5. Root canal
6. Chlamydia
7. Nude pics of Nancy Pelosi
8. Drought
9. Blown tractor engine
10. Cornfield fire

Read the full article here: Powdered Wig Society


Tim, consider saving the campaign some money and just have ‘rallies’ in front of your bathroom mirror.

You’ll have better attendance.

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