So much for the ‘Peaceful transition of power’… Liberal ‘haters gonna hate’. Will it cost us America?

Liberals REFUSE to hear an opposing voice.

They don’t care that the electoral map by county looks like this:


Or that winning the Popular vote means that you won these places:


Watch this protester say that blood will be spilled on both sides:

A petition for the Electoral College to overturn the election result has been set up and has received over 3 Million signatures.

Obama has done the usual Obama thing. He says that protests should remain peaceful but is doing nothing to stop them or explain our system of government to the uneducated masses that obviously need charter schools.


Aside from golfing in the most exclusive courses, Obama has one thing he’s known for. His perpetual campaigning. (Which is what one gets when electing a career activist to high office.)

People are marching NOW. Not three months from now… NOW. They are rioting NOW. They are angry NOW. And guess what?

Obama is President NOW.

Reagan didn’t put up with lawlessness and violence in the name of social justice.

Obama COULD be using his campaign skills to bring unity to a divided America. If he weren’t so busy ignoring his MOTHER’s racial heritage, he’d be in a uniquely good position to help quell that. But why would he start building bridges now, when he’s put so much energy into burning them?

Meanwhile, Soros keeps funding the rioters… sorry, they prefer to be called by other names.. BLM groups, and all their fellow travelers.

If they can destabilize America, they will.

By destabilizing it, people like Soros believe they are removing the problem of an America which is the big obstacle to a ‘just’ world. (Not ISIS or ‘a Caliphate’, not Russia, not China or any other place where they kill political prisoners or gays… America.)

These — Soros and those like him — are the REAL big-money menaces.

Look up what Soros has done to collapse the currencies of other economies just so he can make a financial killing. The money he’s using to fund Democrats, BLM and other ‘rights’ groups? He used by destroying poor and middle class families in other parts of the world so he could make a quick buck.

He and others are — deliberately or otherwise — pushing us towards a critical mass.

When he’s got a puppet like Obama in office? No problem. The Country is corrupted and fundamentally transformed from within without firing a shot. It’s an ‘inside job’.

But when another party takes office? They’ve gotta break a few eggs.

Or as one woman protesting the very idea of free and fair elections not producing the result SHE demands put it… ‘somebody’s gotta die’.

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