PUSSIFICATION: College Reporter FIRED For Saying THIS ‘Inflammatory Phrase’

Rutgers University reporter was fired and says, ‘My termination was a politically motivated move’. Guess which side of the aisle he favors…

From The College Fix:

Aviv Khavich published his final column for The Daily Targum Sunday night, arguing that immigration enforcement is not “anti-immigrant.”

He spoke as an immigrant himself, born in Israel after his Ashkenazi Jewish parents fled Belarus in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

But the trigger for the firing may have been Khavich’s demand that his column include the phrase “illegal aliens” to describe those in the country illegally.

It was the final straw for the Daily’s editor, who said Khavich repeatedly fought over “stylistic” editing changes to his columns over the past several months…

…Khavich told The College Fix in a phone interview that “every instance of ‘illegal alien’ I wrote was changed to ‘undocumented immigrant’” by his editors. “But I considered it a part of my opinion to not use” the latter term, which he finds “politically correct and also inaccurate.”

Quick Summary:

The legal immigrant was writing, from his own perspective, about immigrants coming in illegally and was fired for being anti-immigrant.


Read some of Khavich’s inflammatory article:

…immigration has been politicized like never before in this country, to the point where it is one of the primary issues of this election…

…This Tuesday, a “March for Justice” run by “UndocuRutgers” will take place, with the slogan “I am an immigrant” to combat these “acts of prejudice.” So, being an immigrant, I thought that I would weigh in…

…As an immigrant, I do not take offense, nor do I see it as an act of prejudice to threaten “undocumented immigrants” with deportation, but rather the rightful enforcement of the law. This should not be controversial to state, in the same way that it should not be controversial to threaten murderers with jail time. Undocumented immigrants must serve their sentences, and then be immediately deported. In fact, as an immigrant, I find it much, much more offensive that UndocuRutgers has the gall to promote, condone and support breaking the law, after my parents and I had to wait 13 years to proceed from L-1 and L-2 visas to H-1B and H-4 visas, to green cards and finally to citizenship.

A nation has the right to determine who can and cannot come into it and how, and the enforcement of immigration law and the securing of borders is one of the most vital functions a government can undertake. Under every administration after Eisenhower, the federal government has made virtually no large-scale efforts to enforce the law and deport undocumented immigrants, and the population of such immigrants has skyrocketed to somewhere around 12 million.
Read Khavich’s full article here.

Of course, the Editors had a response to Khavich’s complaint. He was told that the decision came from Editor in Chief, Dan Corey, who wants to follow the Associated Press style.

The AP has changed how it handles the language regarding people coming from other countries across borders without following the law.

The AP Stylebook was revised three years ago to disapprove of using “illegal” to describe a person, as opposed to an action, after having affirmed “illegal immigrant” just a year earlier.

But AP Style also frowns upon “undocumented” – the term used in Khavich’s published column – because the term is “not precise.” Khavich notes that federal law uses the term “alien.”

His editor was “not happy” after being confronted, Khavich said, and he was fired the next day.

“I can only arrive at the conclusion, as any reasonable person would, that my termination was a politically motivated move itself,” Khavich wrote in The Tab the day after his firing. He blamed Dan Corey by name and called the Daily “very bias indeed”:

a collection of self-flagellating, bureaucratic leftists that only include the three (now two) conservatives that they do as a way to fill the minimum requirements to be considered “open-minded.”

Here is the AP style at the heart of the issue:


What do you think?

Was this college student fired from the campus newspaper because of his political views?

Was it because he refused to use the AP ‘Newspeak’ like in Orwell’s 1984?

Do you think it’s another example of the Pussification of the collge campus?

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