UNREAL: Pro-Trump 13yr. Old Boy Was Allegedly STABBED At School – School’s Response Is DISGUSTING

The tolerant left doesn’t like it when people disagree with them — even if those people are just kids.

Allegedly, a 13-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed with a pen by another student at Centennial Middle School in Yuma, AZ last week.

The class had a discussion about the election and the students voiced their preference for President. The boy, (whose name is being withheld because he is a minor,) stated that his support was for Donald Trump. Following this classroom discussion, the boy has been subjected to name-calling by fellow students: ‘white trash’, ‘racist’, and ‘gringo’, despite having a number of Hispanic friends.

The bullying came to a head last week when one 8th Grade student stabbed the 13-year-old with a pen 10 times, 4 of which drew blood. The boy did not report being stabbed, but the incident was made known to school officials when a teacher noticed blood on the boy’s shoulder in class.

Helen Coffeen, Principal at Centennial Middle School, met with the mother of the student that was attacked. Coffeen assured her that the school would handle it with the most strict consequences, but insisted that it was a ‘minor incident’. The attacker was given a one-day suspension. Dissatisfied with the school’s reaction to the assault on her son, the mother has contacted Yuma Police to resolve the issue.

CORRECTION: Principal Coffeen did not meet with the mother of the student, Vice Principal Neil Johnson spoke with her over the phone. (See Update from mother at the end of this article.) Also, the general timeline of ‘last week’ was an editorial error, our apologies.

To contact Centennial Middle School about this incident:

See the Centennial Middle School Website

Centennial Middle School Facebook page

Centennial Middle School
2650 West 20th Street, Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 373-3300 Phone
Helen Coffeen, Principal


We have seen this intolerant behavior many times before with adults:

BLM Supporters attacking a man for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

The many violent attacks on Trump supporters.

Kids are getting it, too.

Here is a mom that tormented her young son for voting for Trump in a mock election.

An 11-year-old boy in Texas was beaten by his classmates for supporting Trump.

And this California high school Sophmore was attacked for her Instagram video supporting the President-elect.

We need to make certain our kids are safe and not bullied because of their political views.

UPDATE from the boy’s mother:

My son has been bullied since he began attending Centennial Middle School. He has been called ‘Gringo’, ‘white trash’… and since it became known he was pro-Trump (which happened in classrooms during students discussions) he was called a racist on several occasions. This all happened WEEKS leading up to the election. He would come home upset frequently due to this bullying.

On Nov 4th, two Fridays ago, my son was physically attacked. The student that attacked him was calling him Gringo, when my son retaliated by calling him “fatty”, having had enough. The next class period they had together, my son was sitting in his chair, when the other student began to jab my son with an ink pen repeatedly. My son tried to cover himself but was still stabbed. In my son’s next class, the teacher noticed the smeared blood on his shoulder, and ask him what had happened, sending him to the nurse to get cleaned up. The wounds that drew blood were two on his arm, one on his shoulder, and one on his chest.

Vice Principal, Neil Johnson was the first one to contact me, and told me he had been “poked about 10 times, 4 of which had in fact drew blood”. The school assured me the student would be punished in the highest degree, however my son reported he was only absent from school for one day. According to the students, this incident was not over Trump in particular, but more over the name calling. I hung up the phone, and contacted the police to file a report. The officer went to the school and filed the report. I was out of town on business so I was unable to meet him there.

Yesterday I spoke with a teacher regarding another incident, again my son being called white trash. I told her about the incident that had happened with the stabbing, she replied “Oh yeah I heard about that!! I didn’t realize that was your son!” So the teachers know what had happened.

I was also told by students that attend that school that the teachers were telling the students about the incident in their classrooms after that. So it was a very big deal, and now the school is playing it dumb. Today I followed up with the police, and they had submitted the claim to juvenile court for review. The officer also went back to the school to interview teachers. They all denied any conversations taking place in their classrooms about the election, regardless it was definitely among the students.

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