WATCH: Anti-Trump Thugs Chant, ‘What’s Better Than 11 Dead Cops, 12 Dead Cops!’

There is ONE thing that should be noted from the very beginning all the way through to the last seconds of this video…

The video starts with a police siren… and you can see the patrol cars protecting these idiots all the way through the video.

ClashDaily has reported many violent incidents against police officers, the most recent article was about the ambush attacks on 4 officers in 4 different cities.

The Washington Times reported that the Anti-Law Enforcement rhetoric has led to more deaths of Police officers in 2016.

From the article:

The funeral Tuesday for a Virginia police officer killed on her first day of work serves as the latest reminder of an uptick of fatal police shootings so far this year.

Of 14 line-of-duty deaths of law enforcement officers recorded in the first two months of 2016, 11 were the result of a gun being used against the officer. As of this time last year, only one of the 15 officers’ deaths was firearm-related, which implies greater willingness on the part of offenders to go after the cops.

Shootings are generally the leading cause of death each year for officers killed in the line of duty, but a quick succession of shooting deaths in February coupled with recent anti-police rhetoric has heightened some law enforcement officials concern over deaths this year.

This article was written in February 2016, before the July shootings of Dallas Police Officers.
CNN reported today that 61 officers have been shot dead in the line of duty in 2016.

The changing in language by Progressives is part of the problem.

For example, the shift from the use of ‘illegal alien’ to ‘undocumented immigrant’. The subtle change in language negates the violation of the law and puts it in more sympathetic, appealing terms. If someone violated the immigration laws of a country, that means that they are there ‘illegally’ and are therefore an ‘illegal’ immigrant. The act of being in the country ‘undocumented’ is an illegal act.

There are many factors at play that are acting to undermine the legal system and law enforcement.

If we are constantly told that ‘all whites are racist’, and that ‘all cops are racist’ people will loose their faith in white people and law enforcement officers.

Obama has been spewing anti-cop nonsense for years.

The legitimacy of #BlackLivesMatter has only made things worse. This group seems to be filled with anarchist, anti-cop thugs willing to loot and riot at the drop of a hat.

It needs to stop.

We don’t live in a police state.

We have laws, and when they aren’t obeyed, there are consequences.

If you don’t like the consequences, don’t break the law.

These ass-hats are using their First Amendment right to speak violence against cops.

That’s disgusting.

You know what’s amazing, though?

Police officers are still out there defending the First Amendment rights of these ass-hats.

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