WATCH: Bill Maher Gives SCATHING Rebuke To Democrats For IGNORING These Two MAJOR Issues

Maher SLAMS Democrats for being a ’boutique’ party that ignores the issues that are real for many Americans.

Bill Maher is no wallflower, and he calls it like he sees it. Most of the time, that’s bat-guano crazy. This time, he’s called it just right.

HBO host Bill Maher is one of those rare liberals who is willing at times to take a hard look at the facts and then actually articulate unwelcome truths out loud. On Real Time with Bill Maher Friday, the host did his best to inject some reality into the debate among his fellow Democrats after their stunning defeat at the polls Tuesday. The Democrats’ failure, argued Maher, was in part a result of two issues: their obsession with political correctness and their inability to acknowledge the reality of radical Islamic terrorism.

“The Democratic party — back me up on this guys — sort of lost of lost the white working man,” said Maher. “That’s what they used to have. And they made the white working man feel like you’re problems aren’t real because you’re ‘mansplaining’ and check your privilege. You know, if your life sucks, your problems are real. What should I do? Cut my d*ck off and check my privilege?”

Liberal blogger and MTV News correspondent Ana Marie Cox spoke up in defense of Democrats, saying, “So, do you really think that’s like liberals’ fault?”

“Yeah, I do,” Maher interjected…

…”If there’s a silver lining from this, me personally, it’s the two issues that I have been on the case of liberals for, and they’ve been booing me about this for years, and maybe they’ll listen,” said Maher. “One is political correctness. I think I did a show about that for nine years. You’re outrageous with your politically correct bullsh*t and it does drive people away.”

The other, he said, is Islam. “And Islam. You know? Islam,” he continued. “Democrats, there is a terrorist attack and Democrats reaction is: don’t be mean to Muslims instead of how can we solve the problem of sh*t blowing up in America. And, you know, that’s note a good way to get votes.”
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As always with Bill Maher, LANGUAGE WARNING:

Isn’t it refreshing to watch Maher say things that make sense?

The Democrats are so focussed on identity politics.

They sort people by their skin color, body parts, or the body parts they wish they had.

It’s time to start talking policy and face issues head on.

Real ones, not the made up ‘my-wittle-feewings’ got hurt ones.

Americans are tired of the Left legislating morality into oblivion while real issues are left on the back burner.

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