WATCH: Comedian Wanda Sykes SLAMS President-Elect, Flips-Off And Swears At Crowd — At CHARITY Event

Keepin’ it classy.


In Boston, at the 22nd Annual Comics Come Home event in support of the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care, Wanda Sykes loses her sh!t on stage after her not-funny-at-all dig at President-Elect, Donald Trump.

Watch the crowd turn (with lovely Leftist commentary):

In her bit, Sykes comments on the recent election, she said she was ‘consoling people’. She then said:

‘I am certain this is not the first time we have elected a racist, sexist, homophobic President. He ain’t the first one. He’s just the first confirmed one.’

The crowd didn’t like it, and booed. Loudly.

Sykes did NOT expect the crowd to turn on her, and handles it that typical leftist way:

‘F-ck you, M-therf-ckers. F-ck all y’all. F-ck all y’all. F-ck, f-ck you, you, you, you, you, you — all y’all.’

The Boston Herald reports that she also flipped the bird to the crowd before leaving the stage.


Did you know that Sykes was the celebrity in an ‘anti-bullying’ ad for LGBT organization GLSEN?

Ironically, the campaign is called ‘ThinkB4YouSpeak’.

H/T: New York Daily News

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