WOW: Look Whose Votes REALLY Put Trump Over The Top … Tell BLM!

It took more than gains among white voters to account for Trump’s win. NYT’s own numbers tell the amazing story!

The New York Time exit polling, and telephone follow-ups with mail-in and absentee voters painted a picture detailing which groups broke for which candidate.

This was supposed to be the year that the lady-parts vote put Hillary over the top, right? Well, that gave Hillary only had a 1% bump in the results compared to Obama. She more than gave that back in her losses in the men’s vote. Maybe she should have toned down that ‘deal me in’ and ‘glass ceiling’ hyperbole.


Among white voters, Trump was only up by 1% over Romney’s results. But by other voters? Much higher. The arrows to the right of the graph indicate a % change of vote compared to 2012.


Black voters? Up by 800%. Still not a huge slice of the pie, but it was an increase, and in some razor-thin races possibly enough to decide the outcome.

Hispanic voters? Similar story.

It’s the WEALTH numbers that are the real story. There are two slices of society moving in opposite directions in this election. the bottom two tiers: (income under 50k, and under 30k) broke one way, and the next two tiers (50-99 and 100-199k) broke the other way. Look at graphic to see if you guessed it right.


The upper two of those tiers 50-99K and 100-199K? Hillary had gains of 2 and 9 percent respectively.

The lower two of these tiers? Trump GAINED 6% at the 30-50k tier and an amazing 16% at the under 30K tier.

(And remember, you can easily just flip these numbers around to figure out what the other party’s losses are in each category, if you want to have fun with it.)

What does this mean?

While Hillary was super-excited about the historic opportunity to have a vagina in the Oval Office (we mean, actually sitting ON the chair), the rest of us weren’t that excited. We’ve already had a pussy in the White House. He’s leaving in January.

What’s the big takeaway from these numbers?

Isn’t it obvious?

It was the Economy…. Stupid.

Share if Bill’s words never sounded so good.

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