WTF: CEO of Cyber-Security Co. With Ties to CIA Threatens To ASSASSINATE Trump

Matt Harrigan of PacketSled has had a VERY, VERY bad week.

First, Harrigan’s candidate in the election lost.

To be fair, he didn’t seem to need a coloring book or therapy sessions. He used social media for that:




Watch the NBC 7 News Report:

Packetsled is a cyber security company that boasts on its website:

Continuously monitor for advanced threats and policy violations missed by other defenses, then analyze and remediate in record time.


His ‘joking’ social media posts kinda bit him in the ass.

He tried damage control.


PacketSled responds swiftly:


Harrigan shared this picture on Facebook in October with former Head of the CIA, James Woolsey:


In the end, it just wasn’t enough for Harrigan to say sorry for threatening to kill the President-elect with a sniper rifle and egging on the Secret Service.

He was too much of a liability for PacketSled.


Well, at least shareholders know that they actually do ‘moniter advanced threats and policy violations’!

(Too soon?)

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