‘ANTI-WORKER’: The Left’s NEWEST Orwellian LIE To The American Public

There is no longer such a thing as an American economy…what does it mean to be a nation when money, goods, and services know no borders…” from The Work of Nations by Robert Reich.

The left has a new addition to their Orwellian vocabulary. “Anti-worker”. First time I heard it was in one of those nails-on-chalkboard public service announcements during which Hollywood has-beens lecture us about why Trump is bad and everything they say is good is actually good. Along with all the ists, isms, antis and phobias, the Hollywoodniks have introduced “anti-worker”. Why? Two reasons:
– Trump did what no Republican Presidential candidate had done since 1980. He gained the support of blue collar, often unionized, working Americans.
– In liberalville nothing is as it seems. When they say “anti-worker”, they are lumping all those legit blue collar, often unionized, working Americans in with all those people sneaking across the border that compete for wages with legit blue collar, often unionized, working Americans.

Remember, to be a liberal is to devote yourself to an ideology that deliberately divides up the American population into aggrieved groups forever at odds with one another. That’s how Democrats win elections – even if it results in four Chicago thugs (well, at least one of the four commuted in from an upscale Chicago suburb) brutally torturing a man on a live Facebook stream in Hillary Clinton’s name*. That’s why the Congressional Black Caucus is once again pursuing reparations**. Thus, illegal immigrants and working Americans are today lumped together so Hollywood and Washington one-percenters can cry “anti-worker” in their never ending divide and conquer effort.

Who Is Really Anti-Worker?
Robert Reich isn’t a nobody. Today he teaches at University of California Berkeley. That in and of itself says a lot given the extreme leftist tendencies at UC Berkeley. His resume also includes work in two Presidential administrations. He worked for Jimmy Carter. And he served as Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary. His 1991 book, The Work of Nations , served as a keystone of the Clinton administration’s economic agenda. No wonder NAFTA came about.

Among globalists like Reich and the Clintons, the American economy is a speed bump in the way of a global economic hegemony. Reich wrote in 1991 that the American economy could ship manufacturing abroad where foreign sweatshops could do the work on the cheap minus all those regulations he and other Democrats lust after. No need to worry though. In The Work of Nations a new American economy would emerge in which somehow:
– Every American would enjoy prosperity.
– Every American’s prosperity would be the result of a service sector job.

Or in other words, it would be okay if the Lilly Ledbetters*** left good paying jobs where they actually made things. Because those things they made could be made cheaper overseas. Lilly could take a job as a barrista, or a “consultant” at a cell phone kiosk, and so forth, and she could enjoy the same prosperity she had when she made school bus dashboards. That’s right. Lilly could move from her job assembling alternators and instead sell you a pink, purple, red, green, or blue case for your cell phone WITHOUT a loss of income! That was the Democrat’s sales pitch during the Clinton years. Unfortunately, a great many Americans bought it hook, line, and sinker.

In 1993 I used to make school bus dashboards working the graveyard shift at a plant in North Carolina. I was hired on as a temp, with the possibility that if I performed well enough I could get hired on by the company full-time. It was an incredible prospect. While temp pay wasn’t bad, full-time company pay was better and there were benefits. Having worked janitorial work previously, this was a golden opportunity. I worked my tail off and after a few weeks, the company was interested in hiring me on full time.

In January 2016 I drove by the company’s building. In the same way the textile mills closed their doors in the 1990s (along with the tobacco companies), so had the plant I’d worked in. The building sat sullen off the main road. The parking lot was empty. Nothing was made there anymore. A weathered sign out front said the building was available for lease.

Not too far from that plant, there used to be a name brand textile mill that made bed sheets and bath towels. (Chances are you own or have owned a set of the company’s products). After NAFTA, the mill couldn’t compete any longer. In the 2000s they razed the mill to the ground and said biotech – a big line item in Robert Reich’s The Work of Nations – would move in to train and employ tens of thousands. There never were tens of thousands of biotech jobs. If I gave you the name of that town, you could go there and see all those people that were sold a bill of goods and that are still struggling to make ends meet in a place where good paying work is replaced daily with Bill Clinton’s idea of a borderless economy.

It Ain’t Trump!
So tell me, who is anti-worker. It isn’t President Donald J Trump.

* If this sounds extreme it is no more so than all the mainstream media reports that blame Donald Trump for the Chicago video.

** No living American was a slave. Nor were their parents. Their grandparents. Or great-grandparents. In the time slavery’s been abolished, electronic communications have evolved from Morse Code tapped out via telegraph to the internet and social media. Anyone that believes black people need reparations ought to be committed to an asylum.

*** Take note that the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was enacted in 2009 and AFTERWARDS, Democrats went jack-ass wild with their glass ceiling nonsense. It’s as though they achieved their desired result by making the Act a law, and then wanted to hide their success behind divisive class and gender warfare rhetoric.

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