CLASH QUIZ: Guess How Many CARS Muslims TORCHED In France ‘Ringing In The New Year?’

Maybe Obama’s REAL jayvee team was BLM. These numbers don’t lie.

Ferguson? Baltimore? Milwaukee?

These guys REALLY know how to riot.

When a thousand cars burn, and police call it a ‘success’, you know you have a problem.

Vandals in France torched 945 parked cars on New Year’s Eve in an arson rampage that has become a sinister annual “tradition” amid a row over whether the government sought to play down the figures.

According to the French interior ministry, the total of 945, which included cars that were either “totally destroyed” or “more lightly affected”, amounted to a 17 per cent rise compared to last year.

Despite this, New Year’s Eve “went off without any major incident”, the interior ministry insisted in a statement, adding that there were only “a few troubles with public order”. —Telegraph

You wonder how much of this the locals will put up with before there is a serious violent backlash. This is, after all, the city that gave us the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. They can only be pushed so far.

If they are calling this problem ‘contained’ when 1000 cars burn, and Paris’s once-spectacular streets are littered with the mattresses of alleged refugees, how can locals REALLY expect their officials to respond to this problem?

At this rate, they’ll legislate cars be manufactured with non-toxic materials that don’t endanger the environment when they’re doused with gas and set on fire.

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