DEAR AMERICA: According To Liberals, You CAN’T Link Torture Video To Blacks Because That’s ‘RACIST’

He’s Offended. How dare you connect BLM to the kidnapping… you racist!

Here’s a quick summary of what Wail Quasim is so upset about.

The topic, obviously, is the video where four punks laugh while they’re terrorizing their mentally disabled victim. He was kidnapped and held for between 24 and 48 hours. When it became popularized, the hashtag connected with it was #blmKidnapping.

Of course, he doesn’t mention his own biases. He’s a long-time proponent of BLM. No wonder he’s offended by any connection of an obviously evil act to a movement he supports.

He wrote a column where he tells us a bit about himself.

‘Somali, black, queer, working class, Muslim or gender nonconforming. Everything on that list applies to me.’ — Wail Qasim.

Sounds like the ideal template for the typical Social Justice Warrior. Let’s see if he gives us a dispassionate treatment of the issues.

The video reveals horrible and sadistic behavior. The young man is obviously distraught whilst he is tormented with physical attacks, forced to drink toilet water and pursued through a property under threat of a knife. Throughout the four attackers bully him whilst saying ‘fuck Donald Trump’ – which they force him to repeat – and ‘fuck white people’. There is no doubt, the images showcase brutality not often witnessed. It looks likes torture, but given there is no discernable purpose to their violence it’s even more senseless than that.

All this is evident from the footage and deserves condemnation, but where has the confusion that this is a ‘Black Lives Matter kidnapping’ come from? Neither the video itself nor information from the police suggests a link to the Black Lives Matter network in the United States. Moreover none of the video’s content implies that the four individuals who carried out this attack were moved to do so by politics promoted in the movement fighting against racist state brutality – unless it’s simply enough of a link to hate Donald Trump. The charge against Black Lives Matter seems to be based solely on the fact that the four attackers are African Americans and their victim white.

…Black Lives Matter was supposed to take responsibility for his actions with some labelling the incident an example of their ‘black supremacy’. On the White House’s ‘We the People’ website 141,444 people, enough to meet the threshold for an official response, signed a petition comparing Black Lives Matter to Isis and calling on the Federal government to treat them as a ‘terrorist organisation’.

… Group criminalisation of black people – often based on a reputation of being unreasonable and uncivilised brutes – is one such historical racist habit. In leading a popular campaign to expose racism, Black Lives Matter has unsurprisingly become victim to this old and tired prejudice. Though there’s no material link between the group and the Chicago attackers, their shared race is enough to make each of them guilty of the others’ crimes.

…Racist judgements about groups are one problem, but that beast becomes even more dangerous when taking the form of a conspiracy theory. The idea that Black Lives Matter is orchestrating a campaign of hate and terror against white people is exactly that, a conspiracy theory. In reality they are fighting for their lives by trying to end forms of racism that are killing them. By pretending otherwise some people are deliberately whipping up dangerous fear – rest assured, black people are not coming to start a war against white people. They never have and white people have never collectively been the victims.


Conspiracy theory..?

BLM trades in dishonest statistics to force others to comply with their demands, they have a tendency to denounce first and ask for facts later, are heavily funded by a political activist whose idea of ‘philanthropy’ extends to deliberately collapsing economies for his own profit.

Color us skeptical about the ‘integrity’ of your movement.

What they claim about themselves and what we can see in their public interaction are not the same.

In the name of BLM we have seen Black Lives Matter chants intermingled with calls to violence. We have seen white people told they were NOT allowed among the others in the front of the march.

They perpetuate ideas of racial victimhood and demonize white people.

Even when a black cop kills a black man, even when the cops are exonerated, it’s assumed it’s ‘racially motivated’ and marches easily devolve into riots.

It’s a short walk from turning white people … as a group … into villains (combined with perpetuating the belief that there is not help to be found by the legal system) to giving people moral justification to taking the law into their own hands, or lashing out at white people generally.

This is only exacerbated by the endless accusations — casually thrown around — of one of the most damaging label our society has today. “Racist” (Or it’s other fellow-travellers… sexist, and homophobe.)

What is the connection between BLM and the kidnapping?

BOTH are rage-fuelled Pro-black, anti-white expressions antithetical to the vision of Dr. MLK.

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