EPIC: Preachy Celeb POLITICAL ADS Are Under ATTACK — And We LOVE IT!

Conservatives are fighting back against all the pathetic celebrity anti-Trump videos with ads of their OWN. This latest one is an absolute GEM!

We say: ‘Great work, folks! Keep ’em coming!’

Celebrities are wringing their hands over the prospect of President Trump and the fill-in-the-blank ‘-IST’/’-PHOBIC’ policies that he’s going to put in place.

And so, they make lame-ass videos about it.

A lot of lame-ass videos.

They just loooove the lame-ass videos.

With startlingly few exceptions, it wasn’t the brain or political views that got the celebrities their jobs, but their acting ability.

It’s the ability to make-believe something is real and bring other people into that imaginary world… like children.

And then they suddenly want us to take them seriously and listen to their political views because their political views are so much better.

If you don’t agree, they’ll just refuse to perform at the Inauguration — metaphorically ‘taking their toys and going home’… like children.

Newsflash, Celebrities:

You’re just the pretty people in front of the camera reading what the writers give you.

And as for your view on politics, well…


Conservative ROCK STARS Guy Benson, S.E. Cupp, Mollie Hemingway, Katie Pavlich and Mary Katharine Ham put the celebrities in their place.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end:

And if you don’t know every single one of those amazing conservatives, shame on you!

Because this ClashDaily Editor is like, totally:


So, to all the self-important, elitist, out-of-touch celebrities that:

– complain about ‘Climate Change’ more than Islamic Terror
– are fighting for both feminist and transgender rights without seeing the dichotomy in worldview
– think we should have voted for Corrupt Hillary because she was a woman
– think President Obama was the greatest President in the history of the USA because he was black
– tweet in outrage and hashtag BLM when a cop drops a thug that’s attacking him #MichaelBrown, but are silent when a cop is killed senselessly
– want to stifle jobs and economic growth because of concern for the environment
– decry the killing of pests for fur, but applaud abortion on demand

This one is for you.

This ad has been brought to you by our conservative thinkers on behalf of the ‘Deplorables’ that live in ‘fly-over’ America.

You know, the ones that buy tickets to your shows and movies, and without us, you’d be asking, ‘Would you like fries with that?’

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