HAJJI GOES, ‘BOOM!’ Watch Suicide Bomber Blow HIMSELF Up Before Reaching His Target

This is obviously a clear case of ‘Premature Detonation’.

Don’t you wish all of them were?

This is the terrifying moment a suicide bomber blows himself up just yards from a group of Syrian rebel soldiers.

But the ISIS soldier was somewhat unsuccessful in his mission, as he wasn’t close enough to take anyone with him when the bomb went off.

It has sparked comments online such as ‘He needs more practice.’…

…According to the agency, it shows an ISIS fighters blowing himself near a gathering point for Syrian democratic forces SDF fighters in Raqqa countryside during the running operation ‘Wrath of Euphrates’.

In the video, soldiers can be seen in front of a building, and they move behind a tank, perhaps after a clear warning of the enemy’s presence.

The man then appears suddenly around the corner, and in a split second, his bomb detonates.
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Watch the Ka-Boom:

You know what that reminds me of?


Once the smoke clears, you can see that the nearby Syrian rebel soldiers are all safe, and the only one that went kablooey was the bomber himself.


Here are the safe Syrian rebel soldiers, and the arrow is where Hajji is resting in pieces:


If jihadis want to blow themselves up, that’s their prerogative.

We just don’t like it when they take other people with them.

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