PARIS IN PERIL: ‘Allahu Akbar’ While POLICE Flee A Riot (Video)

While America squabbles over cabinet nominees, Paris is on fire. Is that news?

You’d think that video of Police RUNNING AWAY FROM RIOTERS might qualify as ‘real’ news that the networks would want to cover.

They’re into day four of rioting over a police brutality issue. (Actually, it looks like any BLM riot, only it’s punctuated with shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’.)

The fact that the cop they are angry with is actually under investigation and could face criminal charges makes no difference. They are rioting. They are smashing and burning their way through neighborhoods across Paris.

In short, they’re turning FRANCE into a war zone. Weird… wasn’t that what they supposedly ran to Europe hoping to escape?

If only these same people felt as strongly about groups of men raping women … like this high profile case.

How bad is it getting?

So bad that even Anglea Merkel might realize Europe is screwed.

She’s now offering Euros to ‘Migrants’ … literally paying them to leave.

Funny, the mafia used to call that transaction ‘protection money’. For a ‘victimized’ group seeking ‘sanctuary’ in Europe, this is pretty sick behavior.

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