VIDEO: Watch Jihadi Accidentally Blow Himself Up And Try Not To HOWL Like A Spider Monkey

Making the world a better place one ‘premature detonation’ at a time.

If only all of the Jihadi bombers did this.

It would save us sending out our brave troops to engage these fools.

This is the moment a bungling ISIS terrorist is blasted skywards after the IED he was preparing for an ambush appeared to detonate prematurely.

The suspected terrorist was being filmed by a unit of the Iraqi Air Force in Badush, west of Mosul, when the device he was working on appeared to detonate prematurely.

According to the video, the terrorist can be seen preparing the IED and was planting it on the road in preparation for an ambush.

Moments later, the terrorist can be seen thrown backwards through the air after the device detonated.

Iraqi Army aviation released the footage of the terrorist’s demise claiming they are advancing on the city.
Read more: Daily Mail


The threat of hidden IEDs has hindered progress in pushing ISIS forces from strongholds in Iraq.

Looks like this path is clear.

Buh-bye Jihadi!

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