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Will We Hear the Usual, Leftist Narrative in the Wake of #BatonRouge?

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Did America Get Here By a DELIBERATE Dumbing Down of Our Children?

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What Would Comey Have Done If Hillary Clinton Were Black?

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How The Dallas Shooting Points the Way to Mob Rule in America

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Why Politically Correct July 4th Celebrations Are Not What America Is About

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Why Independence Day In America Is the MOST Unique Holiday In the World

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Were There Actually Some BENEFITS to the Democrat Sit-In?

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The Liberal Delusion About Islam In the #Orlando Massacre Is STRONG

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How the Political and Cultural LEFT Paved the Way for the Orlando Slaughter

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Is America So Depraved We Are ACTUALLY Debating a Gorilla vs. a Little Kid?

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Did YOU Know That GOOGLE Supports a Terror-Supporting Radical?


Liberal Meme Reveals Just How ILLOGICAL The Left Really Is

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How Scandals Bounce Off of Hillary and Land on Donald Trump

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Will the Cruz-Kasich Duo Against Trump FAIL Miserably?

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When Are We Going to DRAW THE LINE for Offensive Mascots?