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RECYCLE THIS: Election 2016 is JUST Like This Other One


Enviro-Nazis Blowing Smoke At Olympic Opener: Here’s PROOF

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Will Germany Finally LEARN From Terrorist Attacks and Take Action?

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Will The Summer Of 2016 Go Down In History As ‘The Summer Of Blood’?

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Does the Dallas Rampage Indicate It’s Open Season on Cops?

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The War on American History Brought to You by Higher Education

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A BREXIT ANALYSIS: It’s All About Nations’ Sovereignty

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Why Were There NO CRIES for Gun Control Following the 9/11 Attack?


Obama Is Quietly Making a New Government Agency That You NEED to Know About

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Strengthening Our MILITARY in the Wake of Barack Obama’s Cut-Backs


The Kentucky Derby Is Now Being Labelled RACIST…Do You Agree?

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SIX STEPS for Dealing With the Threat of Radical Islam


If We Want to Save the Economy, Then We NEED To Dump the Fed and IRS

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If We Really Want a Smaller Government, Should We Privatize NASA?

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How to Successfully Demolish Every Anti-Gun Myth Out There

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Why Pope Francis Is WRONG and Trump Is RIGHT

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Here Are Two Types Of Women That Men Should Steer CLEAR From

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6 Quotes from Obama’s SOTU That Are Total BS

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Obama’s Gun Control Efforts Are Not Only DISHONEST, They’re Also…

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How America’s Presidential Election Could Affect the Fate of the Planet

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YEAR IN REVIEW: Here Are The Top Stories of 2015

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WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Brought To You By PC Ignoramuses At This Kentucky School

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