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ELECTION DAY: MAKING That HARD Choice… WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Principles


Hillary Plays The Race Card… ‘TRUMPED’ By Fact-Checker

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Is It ‘SEXIST’ To Call Hillary A ‘BITCH’ … Or Is It FAIR GAME?

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Bernie B*tch Slaps the DNC — Will It Cost Hillary the Entire Election?

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Are PO’d Bernie Fans Ready to #BernDown the DNC Once and For All?

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DEAR NEVER TRUMP PEEPS: Can This FACT About Dems Change Your Vote?

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Those Who Believe America Was ‘Never Great’ Will HATE This Truth Bomb

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What’s REALLY In It for Obama By Endorsing Hillary?

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DEAR PC LIBERALS: How Do YOU Address Today’s Security Threat?

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If Muslims Are OFFENDED By The USA Should They Go Back To SUCKISTAN?

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How Obama Is Using the #Dallas Tragedy to Help BURY This Story

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These Words from a #BlackLivesMatter Defender Prove Just How WARPED They Are

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POPULAR Journalist Predicts Hillary Will Follow Obama — Do You BELIEVE Him?

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Here’s The Reason Why Hillary NEVER Feared Being Indicted

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Would We Be Singing the Jailhouse Blues If We Had Done What Hillary Did?

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How Much Longer Will Hillary Be SHIELDED from Any True Consequences?

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PATRIOTS: Is America Truly a GREAT Nation?

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Should We Rebel Against the Left the Same Way Britain Decided to #Brexit?

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THIS State’s New Brilliant Law Will Make Gun-Grabbers Think TWICE

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This Brit Just Delivered a BRUTAL Blow to Obama’s Ego

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How BADLY Does the Right Want to WIN the Culture War Against the Left?

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SCREW YOU, EU: Here’s WHY Americans Should CHEER the Brexit Vote

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Do Americans Have a ‘RIGHT TO DIE’? This Country Now Says, ‘YES’

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Before You Believe Obama and Call Orlando a ‘Hate Crime,’ Read THIS

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QUESTION: Was There MORE Than One Shooter in #Orlando?

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Three Candidates Respond to Orlando — Which Do YOU Trust the MOST?

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