QUESTION: Should Cities Ban SAGGY Pants?

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QUESTION: Are Blacks The Political CHUMPS Of The Democrats?

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QUESTION: What Would YOU Do If This ‘Migrant’ BLOCKED Your Ambulance?

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BREAKING: 400 Muslims Headed For Italy Drown When Boats CAPSIZE

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WATCH: Muslims FLIP OUT When Patriot Destroys Quran In FRONT Of Them

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WATCH: ISIS Fighters FREAK OUT When These Bad @ss ISIS-Killers Catch Them

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DEAR AMERICA: Is It OK To Allow MEN In The Women’s Bathroom?

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DEAR VOTER: Will You NOT Vote For Trump If It Comes Down To Him v. Hillary?

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DEAR CONSERVATIVES: How Close Are YOU To Being Done With The GOP?

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OPEN CARRY: People Are FLIPPING Out Over This VIRAL Pic (Does It Bother YOU?)

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Dear Parents: Hard Lessons for Your Daughter from UT Girl’s Murder

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DEAR AMERICA: Is Obama The WORST President We’ve EVER Had?

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QUESTION: Would You Vote For Ryan Over Trump If He Entered The Race?

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QUESTION: Would Michelle Make A GREAT Ballerina?

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DEAR AMERICA: What Job Better Suits Hillary Than The Presidency?

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QUESTION: Do You CARE What Rosie O’Donnell Has to Say About Donald Trump?

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This VIRAL Pic Shows HOW To Deal With Traffic Blocking ‘PROTESTERS’

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DEAR AMERICA: Do YOU Think Obama Is A National DISGRACE?

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DEAR SANTA: I’d Like To Have THIS Minigun For Christmas

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