Enviro-Nazis Blowing Smoke At Olympic Opener: Here’s PROOF

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Why Is The Regressive Left Cool with This ANTI-WHITE Prejudice?

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SORTING TRUTH FROM LIES Is More Essential Than Ever in This Campaign Year

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A List of PHONY Studies The Left Counts on to Advance Their Agenda

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The EPA Just Got CAUGHT Flat Out Colluding With Left Wing Groups

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Five Serious Problems Facing America Right NOW

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6 Things Leftists Have Said and Done That They Will REGRET

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6 Quotes from Obama’s SOTU That Are Total BS

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Home for the Holidays? Check Out How Obama Just Pimped Americans


HERE THEY ARE: The Top Ten Enemies of Conservatives

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VOLKSWAGEN PROVES: Exactly Why Government Regulation Hurts Businesses


UNDER BARACK OBAMA: America Is No Longer the Dominant Nation on Earth

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SAINTS BARRY AND BERNIE: Why Do Obama & Sanders Love The Pope So Much?


THE POPE AND SCIENCE: He Should Stick To Being A Pope Instead


IT’S ALL POLITICAL: The Pope’s Ties With Senate Dems and Climate Change

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