SICK: US NAVY to Name Ship after ‘Gay’ Child Molester


COP HATERS: Restaurant OBJECTIFIES Cop And Then Drops This BOMB On Her

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What Comes Next from the DOD In the ‘Transgender’ Delusion?

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How HILLARY Is a Savant of Washington Insider Corruption

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Is the Blood in #Orlando On the Hands of Five Supreme Court Justices?

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How Democrats Are Rewarding the WICKED in the Face of the #Orlando Atrocity


After Almost EIGHT Years of Barack Obama — When Will Enough Be Enough?

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They Way Obama Is SPINNING the Orlando Massacre Will Make You VOMIT

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SORTING TRUTH FROM LIES Is More Essential Than Ever in This Campaign Year

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DEAR SENSITIVE WHINERS: Without Judgment, Society Collapses

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SURE YOU CAN USE MY BATHROOM — But Not While My Daughter Is In It

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It’s Time for America to MAN UP and Resist Obama’s Bathroom Madness