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#NotARansom: The $400 Million Dollar LIE


PUSSIFICATION: Obama Shows Open Wallet to Iran

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Enviro-Nazis Blowing Smoke At Olympic Opener: Here’s PROOF

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Will The Summer Of 2016 Go Down In History As ‘The Summer Of Blood’?

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ISLAM IS AT WAR with a Delusional, Suicidal West


ISLAMIC TERROR Hits Nice, France — The Cote D’Azur Under Attack

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Can Brexit Hopefully Influence the USA’s November Elections?


If Liberals Want America to Prosper, Why Are They Opposed to THIS?

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Hillary Has THREE Strikes — So Why Isn’t She Out Yet?

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How South African Farms Are Being Destroyed by Black-on-White Violence

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This Arrogant Anti-Brexit Writer Makes His Elitist Feelings Known

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How Directing Some of Your Giving Into America Might Make a BIG Difference

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TRUMP VS. HILLARY: Why You Shouldn’t Give In to the Hysteria Vote

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A BREXIT ANALYSIS: It’s All About Nations’ Sovereignty

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How Will the BREXIT Bombshell Affect America?


Is Trump Not Investing in His Own Campaign to WIN?

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The Liberal Delusion About Islam In the #Orlando Massacre Is STRONG

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Is the Puerto Rico Bailout Bill More Congressional Smoke and Mirrors?

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TERROR IN ORLANDO — One Week Later, We Cannot Forget


Is the Blood in #Orlando On the Hands of Five Supreme Court Justices?

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ORLANDO MASSACRE Wasn’t About Gays or Guns… But Something More

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