BRUTAL Meme Jams A REAL Black History Lesson Up Democrats’ Tailpipe

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What Does Bill Clinton Say To Hillary After Sex? The Answer Is HILARIOUS

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QUESTION: Do You Think Schools Should Start Spanking Kids Again?

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QUESTION: What Should We Do For Obama When He Leaves Office?

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THIS BRUTAL MEME Is Driving Liberals MAD … So SHARE It

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PUSSIFICATION: The Difference Between Washington & Obama BRUTALLY Depicted

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Donald Trump’s Christmas Message Is Not Being Like By MUSLIMS & LIBS

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QUESTION: Should Islam Be Kept Out Of American Classrooms?

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HILARIOUS MEME Shows Why Liberals LOVE & HATE Santa

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TWISTED: This Foiled Muslim Terrorist Plot Reeks Of A New Low

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CAPTION THIS: Why Did Hillary Take An Extra Long Bathroom Break?

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Here’s What Ancient Rome and The USA Have in Common… And It’s Not Good

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Kid Walks Up To Santa…Selfless Thing He Asks For Is Going VIRAL

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The DHS Monitors YOUR Social Media Accounts, But REFUSES To Monitor These…

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HERE’S ONE BIG DIFFERENCE: Between Our Soldiers And Islamic Punks

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