BLM Is Pissed! Black Entertainer Breaks Ranks, Throws Party For … WHO?

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#NotARansom: The $400 Million Dollar LIE


Hey, BLM: Hillary’s Using a BLACK Man as a Scape Goat

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MORAL INVERSION: Why Left DESTROYS Christians But WINKS At Terrorists

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Why Trump NEEDS To Win EVEN IF Patriots Have To CARRY Him

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TEAM TRUMP’S RESET: Flip Flop or Savvy Strategy?

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‘Awesome’ Capitalism Is ALWAYS Poisoned When You Add THIS

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Against The JACKASS Party, Is Trump More Of The Same … Or A Solid Option?


GIVE US BARABBAS! American Christianity’s Suicidal Embrace Of Islam

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The GOP is DOA, So Execute ‘Plan B’

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Our Turn to Say ‘BYE-BYE’: John McLaughlin’s Legacy Remembered

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GROSS: A Real Hero Would NEVER Give This Excuse for Not WInning Gold

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Tale of Two Trumps — Which One Wants MY Vote?

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HEY AMERICA: Since You HATE The Establishment — Have You Tried THIS?


THIS NEUTERED Democrat’s ‘Definition of Courage’ Will Make You HOWL!


Might Hillary Drop DEAD? VOTERS Have A Right To Demand THIS.

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TRUMP 2016: Is He REALLY ‘In It To WIN It?’

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STILL Undecided? ‘I Hate Them Both’ Voters Are Put On BLAST!


Obama’s Milwaukee Strategy: Make it WORSE

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RECYCLE THIS: Election 2016 is JUST Like This Other One


Rend-and-Spend Hillary Will TRASH Economy…But Trump Could Save It

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Black Activism Breaks Script… Shawn King is Gonna Be PISSED

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ONE RICH BEGGAR: Crony Capitalist Hits Up Washington

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CAPITALISM: The Answer For A ‘Scary Tomorrow’ … It’s SCIENCE!

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TRUMP’S MOUTH: Ready. Fire. Aim.

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SCREW YOU, Media Spin-Meisters: It’s MY Vote

NEW YORK (Feb. 4, 2011) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen is interviewed by Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos. Mullen discussed the civil unrest in Egypt during the morning show interview. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley/Released)