WATCH: Malia Obama MOONS The Crowd At ‘Lollapalooza’ (VIRAL)

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BREAKING: Did Hillary’s THUGS Have Seth Conrad Rich & John Ashe Murdered?

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GRAPHIC: Pedophile Gets CAUGHT By Bad Asses, Won’t Be Touching Kids Anymore

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VIDEO: Did Hillary Suffer ANOTHER Seizure Right AFTER Her DNC Speech?


WATCH: RNC & DNC Prayers Side by Side — Which One Does SATAN Like More?

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DEAR MICHELLE: Remember When You Brutally BLASTED Hillary In This Speech?

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LMAO: Bernie Fans LEAVE Convention, So Pathetic DNC Is Reduced To THIS!

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WATCH: DNC Arena Half-EMPTY After Delegate Walk In Protest … HILARIOUS!

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WATCH: Even Rachel Maddow Thought Bill’s DNC Speech Was TOTAL Bullsh*t!

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QUESTION: Do The Democrats HATE Cops? (The DNC Sure Makes It SEEM Like It)

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QUESTION: Trump Says, ‘Hillary Created ISIS With Obama’ — Do YOU Agree?

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WATCH: Obama, In His OWN Words, Explains WHY Hillary’s A Crappy Leader

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BREAKING: Terrorists DECAPITATE Priest During Mass — Others Wounded

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PATRIOTS: Can YOU Spot Any American Flags At The DNC? Take a Look HERE

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YO, HILLARY: Trump Is WINNING Sanders’ Voters – Here’s WHY

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DEAR ELIZABETH: How Can Trump Be The DEVIL When Hillary OWNS That Title?

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