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How a Ted Cruz Rally In Louisiana Was Meant for ‘Such a Time as This’

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WHOA: What Trump Did To This BLACK Man In 2013 Is SHOCKING

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DEAR AMERICA: Hillary HATES This Hilarious Pic… Do YOU Love It?

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If Trump Is So Awful, Why Are His Kids So Awesome?

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YO, MITT & MARCO: Attacks On Trump Are Increasing His Support

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DEAR AMERICA: Do You BLAME Obama For Stoking Racial Tensions In The U.S.?

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CHA-CHING: Erin Andrews Wins $55MIL From Marriott Over Peeping Tom Perv Boy

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If We Really Want a Smaller Government, Should We Privatize NASA?

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Pastor Shot At Church After Publicly Praying For THIS Presidential Candidate

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#WarOnWomen: Imam Orders Woman In Europe Dismembered For Wearing Swimsuit

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Little Marco HATES These HILARIOUS Pics That Are Melting The Internet

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Could This GOP Amnesty Lover Have a Shot at Redemption?

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How This Politician Is Working to Disarm Rape Survivors On College Campuses

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Guess Who Mitt LIKES for Trump’s Replacement? (HINT: It’s Mitt)

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BAD LIP READING: The Ted Cruz Edition

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