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DEAR AMERICA: What’s Full Of MORE Crap … Hillary Or This Baby’s Diaper?

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HILARIOUS: Gun’s Don’t KILL People, Clintons Kill People

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Are Black Conservatives Running for Office the Left’s BIGGEST Nightmare?

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Why Independence Day In America Is the MOST Unique Holiday In the World

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Democrats Are Demanding Incivility — So Let’s GIVE It to Them!

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BOMB IN CENTRAL PARK: Holiday Horror As Tourist DETONATES Homemade BOMB

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DISGUSTING: Look At What’s BECOME Of London After ELECTING A Muslim Mayor

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How Directing Some of Your Giving Into America Might Make a BIG Difference

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TRUMP VOTERS: Who Should Donald CHOOSE For VP?

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DEAR GRANDPA: Get A Gun And SHOOT The Next Thug Who Tries THIS On You

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WATCH: This Is The BEST Self Defense Tactic, EVER! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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Muslim Cop Told To SHAVE Beard, He Says NO, Police Dept. CAVES To Sharia

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BREAKING: FBI Puts Hillary Through HELL … Do You HOPE She Goes To JAIL?

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QUESTION: Did Bill SHARE A Cigar With Loretta?

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DEAR MEN: Who’s MEANER & NASTIER … Hillary or Michelle?

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QUESTION: Should We Kill Terrorists TWO At A Time Or CRUSH Their Cities?

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SARAH PALIN Nut Crushes #NeverTrump Dandies In This EPIC Rant

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