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THANKS TO PUSSIFICATION: Terrorists Attacks Are Now A WEEKLY Event

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BOOM: This Meme PERFECTLY Illustrates How To STOP A Terrorist Attack

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WATCH: This Is HOW Liberals RESPOND To Police Officers (HILARIOUS)

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VIRAL: This Pro-Women, ANTI-Islam Meme, Is Pissing Off The Religion Of Peace

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DEAR AMERICA: Obama Says This About ISLAM And America’… Is He HIGH?

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Did Trump and the GOP Have It Out for Ted Cruz Before He Spoke?

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VIRAL: This Anti-Islam Trump Video Is MELTING The Internet

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DEAR NEVER TRUMP PEEPS: Can This FACT About Dems Change Your Vote?

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WATCH: Obama Shows How CALLOUSED He Is Discussing #Munich TERRORIST Attack

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Why There Are Not Enough Handcuffs to Turn Around America


QUESTION: Who Represents American Women BEST – Ivanka, Hillary Or Michelle?

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DEAR CNN: We DARE You To Show THIS Picture Of The Police

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WATCH: Liberal Talk Show Host LOSES His SH*T At Republican Convention

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DISGUSTING: Cop HATING Democrats To EXCLUDE This Group At Convention

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Why BLACK LIVES Don’t Matter to Socialists

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Is The Media LYING by Omission Concerning the Killing of Police Officers?


QUESTION: Did Trump USE Cruz to Pull Off Unity?

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WATCH: Ann Coulter Just Called Cruz, ‘A Little Bitch’ … Do YOU Agree?

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#BlackLivesMatter Is Being SUED — You Will LOVE Who Is Behind It

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GUESS How Much Money Hillary Raised from Lobbyists Compared to Trump

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