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IN LIGHT OF BRUSSELS: Has Anyone Heard From Multi-Cultural Merkel Today?

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WATCH: Donald Trump’s AIPAC Speech Is Met with Multiple STANDING Ovations

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BREAKING: Barack & Michelle Smoking In Havana

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Here’s Our LIMP Wrist Commander In Chief Hamming It Up With Castro

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QUESTION: Are YOU A #NeverHillary Person Or #NeverTrump Person? Or Both?

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How Donald Trump’s Key to Success Is Found In Non-Voters

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Would Ted Cruz Be A President Committed to Really Fixing America?

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DISGUSTING: This Picture Of Obama In CUBA Is Ticking Freedom Lovers OFF

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QUESTION: Obama Goes to Cuba… Should He Just STAY There?

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YO, PROTESTERS… Check Out The New THUG Plow I Got For My Truck

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Hillary Is To Thatcher What Rosie Is To RAW Sexiness

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LOSERS: Profiles Of A WHITE & BLACK Trump Protester REVEALED

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WATCH: White Journalist Gets RUN OVER In MUSLIM ‘No-Go Zone’ In SWEDEN

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Is John Kerry CLUELESS About the What’s Happening In the World Right Now?

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Glenn Beck Quotes MORMON Prophecy To Rally Utah Troops For CRUZ

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VIDEO: Judge Jeanine Goes OFF On The Feckless GOP ‘Elites’

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SCANDALOUS: This Conservative FAVORITE Called A Needy Woman A ‘DOG’

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WATCH: Granny Weighs In On The 2016 Election And It’s PERFECT

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Our Government Keeps GROWING and Getting Out of Control for ONE Reason

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LOVE TRUMP OR HATE HIM: You Must Admit You Like THIS About Him

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This Is What America Needs to Do If We TRULY Want to Be Great Again

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DEAR TRUMP HATERS: The MORE You Protest Trump The STRONGER He Becomes

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