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QUESTION: If The ‘Protesters’ CAUGHT Trump, Would They Try To KILL Him?

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WATCH: Check Out What Happens When Sperm Fertilizes An Egg (This is AMAZING)

WATCH: Check Out What Happens When Sperm Fertilizes An Egg (This is AMAZING)

How Are We Supposed to Get Honest News with the State of Media Right Now?

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Why There Is STILL Hope for the Millennial Generation in America


WATCH: Do You Consider These Anti-Trump Protesters to Be TERRORISTS?

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Here’s What Trump ‘GOT’ And What Cruz Did NOT

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TOP Cruz Advocate Says Something His Supporters Will NOT Like

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DEAR AMERICA: Does Being White and Attractive OPPRESS Minorities?

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Are Conservatives Ready To Take Advantage of Liberal Overreach?


Hillary’s Persona Is A HUGE Turn Off To Men

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Trump’s STANCE On The 2nd Amendment Is Making MILLIONS Mad

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PATRIOTS: Look Who The Left Wants Us To SYMPATHIZE With And Tolerate

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IS TED CRUZ SUFFERING From Harvard Disease?

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DEAR AMERICA: Should Europe PAY For U.S. Protection?

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QUESTION: Could This Be The REASON Obama Is Trans Friendly?

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HOLY CRAP: Liberal Maven, Susan Sarandon, Just BLASTED … Hillary?

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GUESS WHO: The KKK Just Endorsed THIS Candidate And Gave ‘Em $20k

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PUSSIFICATION: Denmark Begins SHARIA Swim Classes, They’re Calling It …

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