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BUSTED: Here’s The THUG Who Threatened To Kill Trump Over …

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VIDEO: Watch These ‘Adults’ Hoot & Holler Over MASSIVE Hood Brawl

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DRUNK PRIEST SAYS: ‘I’m From The Vatican … You’re F*CKED’

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QUESTION: Should Fans CHANGE Their Costumes Because It OFFENDS Islam?

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LMAO: This Hilarious Anti-Hillary Bumper Sicker Is The BEST of The Best

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Muhammad Ali Dead At 74: Here’s His 30 Greatest Quotes

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Barack Obama Just Left God Out of THIS Founding Document

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#NeverTrump Jackass MOCKS The Girl BRUTALIZED At Trump Rally

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Black Muslim Slams WHITE Trump Supporter – No Word Yet From CNN

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Has The Tranny Movement Knocked the Gay Movement from the Spotlight?

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SORTING TRUTH FROM LIES Is More Essential Than Ever in This Campaign Year

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WATCH: Welfare Queen’s EBT Card Gets REJECTED … All HELL Breaks Loose

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Dear Violent Anti-Trump Idiots: You’re PROOF We Need A Wall ASAP

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WATCH: Anti Freedom LIBERAL Thugs Get VIOLENT At Trump Rally

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VIRAL: 11Mil People Have WATCHED This Little Girl Kick This BOY’S Ass

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PATRIOTS: If You Were ATTACKED Outside Of A Trump Rally What Would YOU Do?

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Will Bernie Deliver Convention Disruption and Deep-Six Hillary’s Election?

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QUESTION: Is Obama Going To APOLOGIZE To The British For THIS?

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