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Jeb Bush BREAKS The GOP ‘Loyalty Oath’ Which PROVES 2 Things …

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Hillary Is Fit for BINGO — But Is She Fit For President?

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This Trump Meme About Rosie And Sharpton Is HILARIOUS

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Hillary Just Sent Out A Big ‘THANK YOU’ To The #NeverTrump Crowd

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DEAR CRUZ SUPPORTERS: Why We Don’t Have the Luxury of Indulging Your Egos

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VIRAL: Black Chick Starts A Fight, Ends Up LOSING Her Leg After Getting …

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DEAR AMERICA: Who Would You Rather Hear SPEAK … Ivanka Or Hillary?

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RICK PERRY Just Said Something About Trump That’s Making MANY Mad

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QUESTION: Do You Think Michelle’s A BETTER Dancer Than Julianne?

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PUSSIFICATION: Here’s 4 BRUTAL Pics That Show Why No One RESPECTS Obama

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Paul Ryan SLAMS Trump … And The Donald HITS BACK

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BOOM: Target Makes BIG Announcement On Bathroom BROUHAHA

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DEAR RAGE-O-HOLICS: This Test Shows If YOU’RE A Ticking Time BOMB

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DEAR HILLARY: Here’s 9 Nuggets About SLAVERY You Might Want To SUPPRESS

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Kid Rock Just Disgraced Himself In a Major Way…Just See for Yourself

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How’d America Wind Up with Such LAWLESS Leaders?

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What Do Donald Trump and Garlic Have in Common?

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Terrorists Try To BLOCK Traffic … One Driver Didn’t Put Up With Their CRAP

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1ST Muslim Miss USA Makes A BOLD Move … Will Islam RETALIATE?

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NC Took a Stand for Women In Bathrooms, Now the DOJ Is Getting SICK Revenge

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