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WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Brought To You By PC Ignoramuses At This Kentucky School

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‘POOR REFUGEES’ Beat Two Swedes To A PULP In Broad Daylight (GRAPHIC)

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BREAKING: Restraining Order Filed Against #BlackLivesMatter

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5 THINGS ABOUT THE GOP Debate That You Need To Know

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WATCH: Deputy Gets Punched, Shot By BLACK THUG During Traffic Stop

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RUBIO vs. CRUZ: The Choice Is Clear, If You’re A TRUE Conservative

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TRUMP: ‘Hillary Lies Like Crazy About Everything’

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This Country Now Has Classes Teaching Muslim Migrants Not To RAPE Women

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Why Evangelicals SHOULD Vote For Trump If He Gets The GOP Nod

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BOOM: Mike Rowe Delivers EPIC REBUKE to Bernie Sanders

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PUSSIFICATION: Does the Republican Party Now Fear The Power of Opinion?

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CAPTION THIS: Why Did Hillary Take An Extra Long Bathroom Break?

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SECOND AMENDMENT AMBASSADORS: How Gun Owners Can Combat Gun Grabbers