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Muslim Men Gang RAPED 13yr. Old UK Girl And Get THIS Many Years In Prison

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What Exactly Are Hillary’s Accomplishments?

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QUESTION: Is It Just Me Or Does Beyoncè Look Like A DUDE In Drag?

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Here’s PROOF The White House LOVED Beyonce’s Racist SuperBowl Show

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YO, LADIES: Muslims BAN Women From Starbucks In THIS Sucky Nation

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IT’S OFFICIAL: The FBI Is Investigating HILLARY (Will THIS Derail Her?)

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QUESTION: Should Americans Welcome Syrian Refugees To Our Country?

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HEY, MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: If Anyone’s Going to Hell… It’s YOU

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The New Hampshire Primary Has These GOP Candidates Sweating BIG Time

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WATCH: Obama’s Religion Of Peacer DRINKS & WASHES With Camel URINE

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QUESTION: Why Is This Little Girl With Hillary Crying?

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BOOM: Muslim Scum Hospitalized After Molesting The WRONG Women At Nightclub

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How Talking About God and Politics on Social Media Is GOOD For Americans

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ZOOLANDER & HANSEL Go Off On All The Candidates And It’s HILARIOUS

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QUESTION: Is Marco Rubio A Master Debater?

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WATCH: Hillary Celebrates Facebook Friend’s Day And It’s BRUTAL

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Greenies and Earth Loving Liberals Just Got SLAMMED By Scientists Over THIS

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