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Which GOP Candidate Will Re-Establish Our Founders’ Vision?

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Cruz and Trump Make BIG Gains On Super Saturday…Rubio, Not So Much

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Here’s The REAL Reason Why Trump Ditched CPAC — And It’s a Good One!

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Some Facts About Trump That You Should Keep In Mind

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QUESTION: Why Didn’t Mitt Romney BRUTALLY Blast Obama Like He Did Trump?

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BRUTAL: This Pic Explains The Difference Between a PUPPY And a LIBERAL

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This NFL Legend Just BURNED Obama – Says He’ll Vote For…

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On the Pro-Life Warfront Abortion Clinics Are Closing At a RECORD Pace


Why Ronald Reagan Would Have a Tough Time Getting Elected Today

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Why the Church is Going Along With Donald Trump Instead of Ted Cruz

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Is This PROOF That the FOX News Debate Was Completely Rigged Against Trump?

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Donald Trump Just DISSED Conservatives at CPAC — Will This Hurt Him?

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HILARIOUS: RINO Mating Season Continues … Please SHARE

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If You Can’t Decide Between Trump or Cruz, Then You Need to Read THIS

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The Incompatibility of Christianity and Liberalism Explained — SHARE This

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How Ted Cruz’s BIG Super Tuesday Win CRUSHES the Popular Narratives

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QUESTION: After Watching This Video Of Mitt Do You Still Care What He Thinks?

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WHORE OF BABYLON: Looks Like Madonna Will Lose Custody Of Her Son

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Trump BLASTS O’Reilly To His FACE In Post-Debate Exchange

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WATCH: Need A Break From Political BS? Watch This Gymnast KILL This Routine

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#ScrewOffMitt: GOP Debate Audience Boos Mitt Romney

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