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QUESTION: Do You Think Schools Should Start Spanking Kids Again?

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2,000 Thugs SHUT DOWN Mall…You’ll FUME When You See What They Did

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SMARMY ELITES & THE ‘MEDIA’ Truly Hate Donald Trump’s Supporters

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HERE THEY ARE: The Top Ten Enemies of Conservatives

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Four Things Democrats Are Doing Right Now To Ensure TOTAL People Control


This Peanuts Character Isn’t Politically Correct, But Allah Is Totally COOL

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QUESTION: What Should We Do For Obama When He Leaves Office?

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3 BLACK THUGETTES Find Poor White Man And Beat Him To DEATH

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THIS BRUTAL MEME Is Driving Liberals MAD … So SHARE It

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ALL LIVES MATTER: Why Silence on White Children Murdered by Black Criminals?

Murder victim Danny Hill

BERGDAHL: ‘The Taliban Asked Me If Obama Is GAY’ — They Also Asked …

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PUSSIFICATION: The Difference Between Washington & Obama BRUTALLY Depicted

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WHILE OBAMA WAS GOLFING: France Passed New Law That Strips Islam Of…

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The 10 Most Inconvenient TRUTHS On ‘Global Warming’ Are Right HERE

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7 THINGS That We Really DON’T Need The Government To Do For Us


THEY’RE HOPLOPHOBES: Gun-Haters Have An Irrational Fear Of Firearms


Donald Trump’s Christmas Message Is Not Being Like By MUSLIMS & LIBS

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MUSLIM GUN TWIRLER Is Having So Much Fun Until THIS Happened

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28 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS For Every 2015 Politician…You’ll Love Obama’s

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ANOTHER CRUZ CLASSIC: How A GOP Amnesty Lover Lied Before Christmas

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Jesus Christ Is BANNED in Our Schools But Teachers LOVE Mohammad

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