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WATCH: In 1995 Obama Talked About ‘RIBS & P*SSY’ (You MUST Watch This!)

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QUESTION: If Waterboarding Is EVIL Should God APOLOGIZE For The Flood?

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Beyoncé Has NO Apologies for Her DISGUSTING Race Baiting Halftime Show

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Transgender BULLIES Are Losing Their MINDS Over This New Common Sense Law

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AGE OF THE SELFIE: Here’s WHY Self-Absorption Is DESTROYING Our Society

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Why Education by Socialism Is NOT The Way to Solve America’s Problems


WATCH: Teacher Says, ‘F*CK The Police and Everybody F*CK With Them’

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QUESTION: If Hillary Is ELECTED What Should We CALL Bill?

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WHOA: Check Out This MASSIVE Gator and GUESS What He Was EATING

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POLL: Would You Rather Be MARRIED To Michelle, Hillary Or Kate?

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YO, ISIS: One Day You Will Run Into The WRONG Christians

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Math Geek Has GOOD News And BAD News In The Trump V. Cruz Battle Royale

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Cruz CRUSHES Trump and Sanders SACKS Hillary In Wisconsin

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QUESTION: Your 18yr. Old Daughter Wants To MARRY Him… What Do YOU Do?

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Hillary HATES This Revealing Photo… So SHARE It Everywhere

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How Leftist Thinking Is An Entrapment for POVERTY

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QUESTION: What If You Caught Two Muslim Men RAPING Your 14yr. Old Son?

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