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An OPEN Letter To Milwaukee’s THUGS & Race Baiting City Officials

Doug and Milwaukee

Reporter Asks Milwaukee Moron WHY He’s Rioting, His Answer Will STUN You

Milwaukee screenshot

DEAR MILWAUKEE RIOTERS: Sheriff Clarke’s About To Kick Yo’ ASS!

Sheriff David Clarke

Rend-and-Spend Hillary Will TRASH Economy…But Trump Could Save It

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Black Activism Breaks Script… Shawn King is Gonna Be PISSED

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ONE RICH BEGGAR: Crony Capitalist Hits Up Washington

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MILWAUKEE MAYHEM: Buildings And Cop Car TORCHED After Cop Kills ARMED Thug

Milwaukee Police Car

QUESTION: How Will YOU Combat Aggressive Liberal BIGOTRY?

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CAPITALISM: The Answer For A ‘Scary Tomorrow’ … It’s SCIENCE!

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TRUMP’S MOUTH: Ready. Fire. Aim.

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DISGUSTING: Look At What Muslims Did DURING Church Service In The U.S.!

church rageboy

WATCH: Bro BLOWS UP A Herd Of Wild Pigs In Texas (VIRAL)

Wild pigs

WATCH: Black Thug Tries To CHOKE Out Cop – OPERATIVE Word, ‘TRIES!’