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Obama BYPASSES Congress With A SICK New Program to CHANGE America’s Face

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QUESTION: Do You CARE What Rosie O’Donnell Has to Say About Donald Trump?

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Woman Gets TAXPAYER Funded Late Term Abortion…How She Got It Is DEMONIC

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This VIRAL Pic Shows HOW To Deal With Traffic Blocking ‘PROTESTERS’

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DEAR AMERICA: Do YOU Think Obama Is A National DISGRACE?

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DEAR SANTA: I’d Like To Have THIS Minigun For Christmas

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This Cartoon PERFECTLY Illustrates Why People HATE The GOP Establishment

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VIRAL VIDEO: Marine Goes OFF On Muslim Teens At Gas Station

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VIDEO: Bill Clinton Puts #BlackLivesMatter Loons On FULL BLAST

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INVASION: Syrian Refugees Starting To Arrive In The U.S.

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THE RELIGION OF PEACE: Puts Out A FATWA On Lebanese Adult Film Star

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WATCH: Baby FLIPS OUT When He Sees Mommy For 1st Time

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Obama Uses The RACE Card to INTIMIDATE Property Owners Into Renting To…

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NY’s Mayor Legalizes PEEING In Public And Yet BANS The Yankees From THIS

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TELL YOUR GOVERNMENT: Leave the Charitable Work to ‘We the People’


Should We LEAVE The UN And Get The UN Out Of The US?


WOW: Levin BLASTS The #NeverTrump Crew, Calls Them FRAUDS If They Do THIS

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