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Why Trump’s Abortion Statement Is Hardly the Worst Thing He’s Done

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QUESTION: Should Cities Ban SAGGY Pants?

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CLASH: Hannity V. Cruz THROWDOWN Over Delegate Process… Who WON?

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2001 TRUMP: Have YOU Seen This Interview With Trump Right After 9/11?

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Saudis THREATEN Obama … Will He FOLD Like A Cheap Suit?

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QUESTION: Are Blacks The Political CHUMPS Of The Democrats?

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WATCH: What This Chick Said About #CorruptHillary Is HILARIOUS And BRUTAL

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DEAR BLACK AMERICA: Are You COOL With This LIE Hillary Just Said to You?

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SMACKDOWN: Sheriff Clarke Just JACKHAMMERED Race Baiter Al Sharpton

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WTF: Gay Pride Soiree BANS Drag Queens Because They Offend THIS Group

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QUESTION: What Would YOU Do If This ‘Migrant’ BLOCKED Your Ambulance?

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People Are FLEEING from These Liberal Cities For This MAJOR Reason

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Strengthening Our MILITARY in the Wake of Barack Obama’s Cut-Backs


Gingrich WALLOPS “White Privilege” Whiners With 3 WICKED Words

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BREAKING: 400 Muslims Headed For Italy Drown When Boats CAPSIZE

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Bernie’s Comments At Verizon Strike Reveal His Economic IGNORANCE

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