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ENEMIES OF LIBERTY: Why Barack Obama Wants to Take Away Americans’ Guns

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The Liberal Delusion About Islam In the #Orlando Massacre Is STRONG

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WATCH: Off Duty Cop Pulls GUN On Road Ragers …Did He Go TOO Far?

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Thanks To OBAMA’S ‘Refugees’, 6 DISEASES We Wiped Out, Are Coming BACK

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PATRIOTS: Should Liberals, Who Know SQUAT About Gun Laws, SHUT Up?

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QUESTION: Why Is Obama OMITTING Islam From #Orlando 911 Transcripts?

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THUG Lets Baby DIE In Hot Car While He Was GETTING A …

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Could Veterans Manning Our Southern Border Be THE Solution?

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Ted Cruz Supporter Reveals Something That #NeverTrump Peeps Will NOT Like

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Why Were There NO CRIES for Gun Control Following the 9/11 Attack?


WATCH: Hilarious Music Video SPOOFING The Obamas Has 12 MILLION Views

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FATHER’S DAY MASSACRE: 18 shot, 6 fatally, NO Word From BHO or CNN

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Guess WHAT Attorney General Lynch Is Leaving OUT Of #Orlando 911 Calls?

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POP QUIZ: Guess Who Pays Women MORE … Trump Or Hillary?

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Is the Puerto Rico Bailout Bill More Congressional Smoke and Mirrors?

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TERROR IN ORLANDO — One Week Later, We Cannot Forget


Comedian Asks Obama: ‘What’s It Like to Be the LAST Black President?’

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Franklin Graham JUST Kicked Obama In The COJONES Over #Orlando Massacre

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PATRIOTS: Who’s The NASTIER Wench … Joy Behar Or Rosie O’Donnell?

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Mom ‘NEEDS’ Heroin … What She ‘GAVE’ Her Dealer Is PURE EVIL

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#Benghazi Survivor BLASTS Hillary, She WON’T Like This, So SPREAD It

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DEAR AMERICA: Why Did Obama Do This To RECENTLY Found Letters From His Dad?

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QUESTION: Is An ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ A BAD Idea Sold By BAD People?

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