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Fourteen Clubs and a Bunch of Smart, Hard-Working Guys

By Craig R. Hall

We have to be who we are, in spite of all of the president’s directions, pontifications and ideas. The “we” I am referring to are the thirty-two gentlemen I am about to share a weekend of golf, cigars, beer, cocktails and unsuccessful flirtation –since, you know, we’re all near fifty, and the only young women that will talk to us are in the business of generating larger and larger tips that seem to increase disproportionately to our advancing ages.

And the reasons we can do this event for the last twenty-one years, with men flying in from all over the country to head to northern Michigan, is that we have the answer to our president’s questions about, “You think you’re smart?” and “You think you work hard?” The answers for my group of friends are, “Yes” and “Yes.” Otherwise, we couldn’t do this each summer.

In our gang up here, Mr. President, you will find salespeople who are on the top of their professions as both sellers and mangers; small business owners; publishing magnates (OK, I made that up for me); project supervisors and accounting partners to mention just a few. Heck, we even have a couple of lawyers that we let hang around. But I can tell you this, none of us got to where we are by sitting around waiting for the federal government to plan our success, much less come up with a fun golf weekend.

So having the means to do this trip is the result of our hard work. Therefore, let me ask you a question sir. If everyone in this country works so hard, why isn’t the whole county on a golf weekend—or the weekend of doing their chosen hobby—right now?

Now I know you may blame big business, the economy or President Bush. But the fact is that no matter what the economy is doing, who’s in business for or against us or who the president is, some people just seem to make things work out to the best conclusions. And that success is not based on luck, but rather effort. Why not just face the facts Mr. President; some people just don’t like to work and some don’t work as hard as others; and yet our country is also blessed with a whole bunch of folks like us.

And I guess achieving success, even with all of the obstacles in our way in business, the economy or the White House, answers your other question as well. We’re pretty darned smart too. That is the main reason that we are doing well in spite of all that is going on. We just think our way through the myriad problems the world and Washington throw our way.

And yes, there are lots of smart people in this country, and that is a good thing. Especially for those that apply that wisdom to their lives. But all one needs to do is look at reality television, the show COPS, anything from Hollywood or who is followed on Twitter to know there are plenty of folks who are not. That said, if we are all so equally smart, why are you and the select few in DC the only ones capable of doing your jobs? If what you say is true, couldn’t anyone do it — and better?

But just so you can feel you are indeed involved in every aspect of what I accomplish in my life, Mr. President, I will give you all the credit if I shoot over 100.