Published on August 21, 2012

The new documentary “2016: Obama’s America” doesn’t have fancy stars or a massive budget. It simply tries to deconstruct why President Barack Obama governs the way he does.

And it’s striking a chord with the public, apparently.

“2016: Obama’s America: came in number 13 at the box office over the weekend, representing a bump of 293 percent from the previous week. The film’s per-screen average for Friday through Sunday soared to $7,391, the fifth highest average of any film over the weekend.

Those figures might have received a bump with a little unexpected publicity this week.

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Just a few days ago, “2016” star Dinesh D’Souza wrote an op-ed explaining how he gave $1,000 to George Obama, the president’s impoverished brother, in order to help pay for medical care for one of the man’s sons. The mainstream press mostly ignored the event – it does reflect badly on the president, after all – so new media led the way once more.

Even people who hadn’t heard of “2016” before suddenly had a fair idea what the documentary entails thanks to D’Souza’s generosity.

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