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An Unconventional Convention: Blue Dress Bill and Pink Tutus

Looks like the lure of the limelight and the pressure to do penance are converging to position Bill Clinton to promote the preposterous.

Yesterday, desperate Obama campaign officials, including David Axelgrease, announced gleefully that Clinton will formally nominate Obama at the Democrat convention in September. VP Biden will speak to the conventioneers the next day, no doubt stunting whatever boost Blue Dress Bill provides. One can always count on Joe to be irrelevant, idiotic or illusory.

Party bosses (Hollywood) must have leaned on Clinton for recent remarks he made, publicly embarrassing Obama. Whereas Obama wanted us to believe Romney was a lousy governor and a worse business man, Clinton came out the next day telling us Romney was a great governor who had a “sterling” business career. Whereas Obama had pressed for letting the Bush tax cuts expire, Clinton said leave them in place for now.

Perhaps Bill was reminded his daughter’s political future might be hindered unless his bright shiny face appears on the convention jumbotron. Axelgrease called it a matter of rightly deploying “assets”. Others would call it a political circus, a baboon ballet, noting the Clintons’ real attitude toward Obama, one they’ve called a liar in the past, one who actually tried playing the race card against the Clintons during the ’08 campaign.

So while there’s no honor among thieves, there’s less among Democrat politicians. Obama & Co. realize their campaign is hanging by a thread. It is a desperation move, expecting Clinton to stitch the tear.

Reportedly, Clinton enthusiastically accepted Obama’s invitation to speak. Doubtful. For Clinton to stand before the world and endorse a man he disrespects, and to do so with a straight face, especially in view of Obama’s incomparable failures, is to shame and embarrass himself, expecting people to believe a lie.

Perhaps Bill thinks his popularity, charisma, slick delivery and humor will sway the masses, but one can’t help think about another dimension involved here. For years Hillary “stood by her man” no matter how many times he humiliated her, in public. Now, it appears what he did to Hillary, Obama is doing to him.

It’s one thing for these people to rake each other over the coals playing their ego-trip games.

It’s quite another for them to be raking coals and burying the entire country.

Parting shot: One wonders if President Carter will be welcomed at the convention having called Obama a war criminal in June. Perhaps they’ll seat him next to Michael Moore, like before, but this time, dressed in a pink tutu.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.