Written by Doug Giles on August 17, 2012

They said it.  I didn’t. What if Christians held soirées like this?

[ Sidetrack M.C. (and Chicago public school teacher) Bradley Thomas Balof incites a crowd of gay men to hurl expletives at Christians and Republicans in the form of a Chick-Fil-A effigy during a two-minute-hate conducted during a fundraiser for Equality Illinois held at Sidetrack the Video Bar in Chicago in August 2012 ]

Yesterday, Floyd Corkins II of Herndon, Virginia — who worked with The DC Center, an LGBTQAI community center in the nation’s capital — brought a gun to the Family Research Council’s headquarters because he was driven by an all-consuming hatred of Christians and egged on by the nation’s self-styled “gay leaders” to “get in their faces” and inflict harm on the people that the gay community routinely brands as “enemies”.  He concealed his gun in a Chick-Fil-A bag as a political statement and likely got the idea to do that from the nonstop, hate-fueled rage the gay community’s directed against the fast food chain for the last month because of COO Dan Carthay’s unapologetic promotion of traditional Christian values.

Gay bars like Sidetrack the Video Bar here in Chicago are hotbeds of this anti-Christian hatred and encouragement to violence, where patrons are often led in “two-minute-hates” against Christians, Republicans, and other declared “enemies of the gay community”.  It is truly only a matter of time before another gay man like Floyd Corkins picks up a gun, stuffs it into a chicken bag, and sets out to murder Christians because self-styled LGBTQAI “community leaders” put that idea into his head.

If you don’t read gay publications like The Advocate or local gay newspapers and don’t spend much time in gay bars or attending gay-oriented events you might be unaware of just how much hatred and violence is actually promoted on a regular, rolling basis by the men who own these bars and sit on the boards of directors of the myriad nonprofits that always seem to come out of the woodwork to condemn the Tea Party for any and all tragedies that befall this country.  The Left’s agenda is very clear in this:  if anything bad happens involving guns, theres a race to pin it on fiscal conservatives, Governor Sarah Palin, or any group that affiliates even remotely as Christian and then dispatch members of the Democrats’ coalition of identity-based-voting-blocs to vociferously blame Republicans for the tragedy.  It never works — because the Tea Party is nonviolent and wholly lacking of the Alinsky Methods and radical tactics the Left attempts to project on it — but the media and its Leftist operators press on regardless.  Gays comprise a useful goon squad I call the “Gaystapo” because they are enthusiastically dispatched to malign, berate, bully, and impugn Christians and political conservatives (especially Republican women) whenever the Left seizes an opportunity in current events to exploit a tragedy for political gain by desperately linking Christianity or conservatism to violence.

In reality, the people in this country governed by irrational rage with a propensity for lashing out with violence are those who pull the Democrat lever in polling places and proudly deem themselves “liberal” politically (a term deserving of air-quotes whenever spoken aloud because there is nothing truly “liberal” about these violent fascists who declare jihad on anyone who disagrees with them on almost anything; calling them “liberals” is, in fact, like calling cockroaches “hug-a-bugs” and is a habit you need to break immediately because you only help them by using their preferred terminology in your conversations or writing). Religiously, it’s of course Muslims who use violence as their go-to form of expression but the Left in this country are apologists for Islam and seek to continually malign Christianity as a way of mitigating the horrible things that Muslims do around the world in furtherance of their cause.

Unlike conservatives, who are more or less focused on peacefully living their own lives and generally react to events instead of setting them in motion, the political Left in this country feverishly works every day to proactively cause things to happen in the national conversation that will either benefit the Left politically or cause great harm to their perceived “enemies”.  No opportunity is wasted to recruit, train, or rev-up acolytes to go out into the world and serve the Left’s goals or attack the Left’s enemies.  The gay community makes 2012 look horrifyingly like 1984:

I wish conservative writers and pundits would shine a light on what goes on in gay bars because a lot of it is very similar to what’s seen in radical mosques, at home and abroad.  Gay writers and activists mock Christianity and groups like the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” dress up like nuns and priests to garishly lampoon the Catholic Church, but gays on the whole are more zealously devoted to the Cult of Leftism than just about any group out there is committed to their religion besides the Muslim suicide bombers.  Gay “community leaders” convene hate-filled congregations in gay bars and at gay events where speakers take to microphones and encourage the assembled crowds to shout expletives and punch their fists into the air condemning Christians, Republicans, and other declared “enemies of the gay community”.

[ Sidetrack Owner Arthur “Art” Johnston reveling in the Equality Illinois Pie Toss held at the bar, during which much hate-filled political speech was directed against Christians and Republicans ]

A perfect case study in all of this is Sidetrack the Video Bar here in Chicago, owned by Arthur “Art” Johnston and Jose “Pepe” Pepin Pena and strongly affiliated with the political group Equality Illinois, of which Johnston is not only a founder but the primary financial contributor.  I’ve written about Sidetrack in the past on this and other sites and was a loyal patron of the bar for the first five years I lived in Chicago. After I became known as a conservative political writer, Sidetrack employees harassed me with anti-Christian pejoratives, discriminated against me, and even denied me access to this public accommodation because these employees decided they didn’t want “my kind” on the premises because I am openly gay, Christian, and a newly out and proud Republican (after being a Democrat until the 2008 election and ascendancy of the Left into dominance of that party).

Sidetrack, for years, has been the mecca of anti-Christian hatred in Chicago’s gay community. Any and all events the bar holds — but particularly those held for Equality Illinois — metastasize into Orwellian “two-minute-hates” against Christians and Republicans.  The bar’s owners Johnston and Pena not only encourage this, but actively participate in it, as evidenced most recently by the “Equality Illinois Pie Toss” held at the bar two weeks ago where Chick-Fil-A became a rallying point of anti-Christian hatred aggressively stoked by Sidetrack.

Bradley Thomas Balof, who works as a Chicago public school 5th grade teacher in addition to bartending at Sidetrack and serving as its Master of Ceremonies for the “two-minute-hates”, took to the microphone at the Pie Toss and directed the hundreds of gay men in attendance at the event to hurl hate-fueled pejoratives at a man dressed in a chicken costume representing Chick-Fil-A for the night’s festivities.  The point of the Pie Toss, supposedly, was to fundraise for Equality Illinois, which purports to be a nonprofit organization dedicated to “equality” in this state.  Routinely, Equality Illinois serves as the Left’s mouthpiece in Chicagoland whenever its needed to denounce Republicans and call individual candidates bigots (such as the scorch-earth campaign that gay groups led by Equality Illinois waged against gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady in the 2010 elections in Illinois).  It’s not surprising to me that a gay group actually commits all the sins it routinely accuses conservative groups of because this is par for the course in terms of the Left’s consistent and unending hypocrisy:  Leftists are forever accusing other people of doing the hateful things they themselves do to people.

At the Pie Toss, with Johnston and Pena smiling approvingly, Balof launched into an extended tirade against Christians and Republicans that incited the crowd into a frenzy of foul-language berating the Dan Cathay effigy in the chicken suit. If you still use the word “liberals” to describe these people, please stop, because there is nothing “liberal” about hate mongering and inciting people to violence like this. This behavior is positively Islamic, not “liberal”, in its chanting and crowd-riling.  ”We need to get them in November!”, Balof shouted, declaring Christians and Republicans to be the enemy of all gays and thus deserving of scorn, malice, and whatever tactics patrons might employ to “teach them a lesson they won’t forget”. What was supposed to be a fun event where “local celebrities” (and naked men from groups like the gay hockey league) allowed themselves to be smeared with pies for charity degenerated into an organized hatefest against Christians and Republicans using the man in the chicken suit as a focal point.