Welfare State = New Plantation

Interview on American Live with Megan Kelly

Former presidential hopeful Herman Cain and other black conservatives appear in the new documentary ‘Runaway Slave,’ which digs deeper into whether America’s growth in entitlement programs has harmed and even “enslaved” African Americans to a permanent welfare state.

Megyn Kelly asked Sirius XM radio host David Webb, who also appears in the film, about the rhetoric used. She noted that Vice President Joe Biden recently came under fire for his “back in chains” comment, causing backlash over whether people should be making slavery references when criticizing party policies.

Webb defended the documentary, citing that there is a “clear difference” between referencing slavery versus using it in its historical context to positively move forward. He added, “Joe Biden tried to tell you this still exists and remains in its old form.”

In ‘Runaway Slave,’ Webb says the object is to tell African Americans and others that it is time to move away from entitlements, which he referred to as the “new plantation.” He said that even though it’s coming from the perspective of African Americans, the film is not directed toward a specific race, but rather the power and control over one group that has bound itself to entitlement programs.


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