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A Political Church is a Biblical Church

Progressive leftists would want you think that the church is far too active in the political spectrum of today and that we need to evolve away from our religion or hold true to the constitutional separation of church and state – which is neither in the constitution nor used in the right context 100% of the time. The reality is that Christians have essentially left the American mind to be swayed by militant secularists and anti-theists; churches far and wide have forfeited any kind of place in politics because it is too controversial and not “spiritual” enough. Worship songs sing about Jesus taking everything and being ruler of all things seen and unseen but all the while we keep him out of government, education, arts, and pretty much every aspect of society except car bumpers. He’s okay there.

The early church, however, did not see things in this manner. When our Christian forefathers professed that “Christ is King” we seldom, if ever, place that mantra in the right historical context. Today, there are few monarchies across the world and most are peripheral, but even a few hundred years ago they were absolutely not. In a monarchy it was considered a most serious offense to profess anyone king other than the king himself and the believers did not just go against that, but they went the extra mile by refusing to give any kind of praise and honor to the gods that the king mandated to be worshiped.

Daniel chapter 3 paints a clear picture of civil disobedience where the king, the leader of a nation, demanded that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego bow down to an idol lest they be put to death. They refused to, were thrown into a fiery furnace, God delivered them from it, and then the king demanded that everyone worship the true God or else he would put them to death. Imagine the tables turning like that today.

One could also read about the Hebrew midwives of Exodus chapter 1 that refused to murder the male babies of the Israelites, although the king of Egypt demanded they do so. According to the bible, they disobeyed the king’s orders out of their fear of God and were blessed in the end with families of their own.

Moreover, in Ezekiel chapter 11 God doles out judgment on wicked counselors because of their blood thirst. Think about that next time you think the Almighty cares not for what our political leaders are doing.

I would say it is sinful for churches, especially those with a predominantly young crowd, to cast away any teachings regarding world views and civil obedience, as it is right in God’s eyes. We have become far too focused on the sound system, singles’ bible studies, and youth group kumbayas, while those who claim to love the word of God are apathetic or even adamant to keep it out of society.

Some of the brethren today have become Laodicean regarding the direction of our nation because the rapture is coming soon and we should not polish brass on a sinking ship. But if we read the gospels correctly, Christ not only came to give us life and life abundantly here on earth, He also strongly rebuked us not to become anxious freaks who are constantly worrying about His return. We are definitely in dire straits, people, but I wouldn’t bet any money that it is the end times.

In 1933, the German church signed an agreement with Hitler that he would not interfere with the churches as long as they did not comment on politics. I am no Harvard historian, but dost thou think this ended well for Germany? Or the church?

Over and over again we have seen how nations suffer when the church makes the conscious decision to bow and kiss the ring of politicians in the name of the people. The church has forgotten its place in society, which is at the forefront of charity, education, arts, and government. Instead we have shaken hands with the devil and have allowed him to steer our nation in the way he desires so long as our church can keep its 501c3 status and we don’t have to pay taxes for church picnics.

In 1949, China’s communist revolution sought to do the same with the church. See, leftist organizations have a pattern: the liberal agenda cannot come to full fruition if the church stands in the way. Footage can still be found of priests and nuns being publicly shamed and even killed for opposing the “people’s will” of communism. The church in China saw the political tides turn red before its very eyes, and who did the majority of the work? The youth. Which goes to show, pastors, that if you do not put a premium on teaching your congregation about worldviews in a Christ-centered manner, some one else will do so in a humanist manner. As a matter of fact, universities are filled with mental terrorists bent on creating radical God-haters. Some call them professors.

On that note, it humors me when I hear Christians bemoan the woes of the church in China. First of all, the believers in China are rapidly multiplying, so if anyone should be sending prayers, it’s them to us. Secondly, all of the trials the church is facing over there are political. Remember that China is a communist country? Do you know we have communists here in America that would like to turn us into them? And if that actually happens, who will send over missionaries to us then, young apathetic believer? Who will adopt our babies?

Still, no one speaks out or says a word because it is too divisive. Bold Christians see a fight and actually run to it instead of away from it. We are supposed to be as bold as lions; what was the last time you saw a lion run scared?

Instead, when any Christian even attempts to point out a foreign or domestic threat they are instantly labeled hate-mongers, close-minded, right-wing lunatics, and racists; and this is by people who also claim to be Christians. Our faith is being fundamentally transformed, as Obama would say, from the inside out. Far too many Jesus hipsters denounce those who will actually stand for God’s word in the political realm.

But after seeing the Democrats boo the name of God during the DNC, some are finally waking up and have actually regretted voting for Obama. Really? Maybe I should be grateful, since we didn’t get to the point of martyrdom before young people started realizing that maybe, just maybe, liberalism and the Democratic Party is kind of at odds with the Scripture. Not saying there is no dirt to be shown from the Republicans, but goodness gracious, can we start supporting the ones who slightly resemble a Christian worldview instead of those who cringe at the sight of it?

What makes me the most mad, however, is churches that consider politics insignificant to the gospels and detrimental to the growth of the congregation. At the same time, a village that eats cow manure for breakfast in Djibouti is too heart-breaking to not do anything about.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with helping those less fortunate around the world; it’s absolutely biblical to do so. But what is not biblical is making sure everyone is living comfortably on your dime while your household and nation go to hell. We are losing our impact on our home turf for the sake of political correctness and being nice, Christian people, but still we worry about some other country across the world that is more than likely in shambles due to their corrupt political system. Let’s take care of ourselves first so that we may have the freedom and prosperity necessary to be a blessing unto others.

Image: Profet Hill; Carl Frederik Hill; courtesy of Gemeinfrei, Künstler 1911 verstorben.

Andres Ortiz

Andres Ortiz is the founder of The Saving, a ministry that plays heavy music with heavier Christian content. His new album "David Star", based on the life of David, comes out March 9th, 2014. Follow @andresaving on twitter.